FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro Review

FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro via Amazon

FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro

FitterFirst Extreme Pro is the latest model balance board that is claimed to be the most advanced model on offer with a variety of range of movements in every direction- you can go side to side, front to back and back to front and tilt at all angles. Beginners may use the support pegs for added stability for beginners- anyone that is first getting used to it. It has an anti-slip surface for more traction when you’re using on shoes or bare feet and durable wooden deck- very solid birch construction and a polyurethane fulcrum bottom section that flexes a bit for you to balance on- rings can be removed for more challenge. The main purpose of using a balance board and particularly this great quality one is to improve your coordination and balance, core power, strength on your knees and ankles and increase your kinesynthesis- muscle sense. You will be able to stretch and stabilise your leg tendons and ligaments. This is like the one step up from other FitterFirst or other brand balance training boards on the market as it comes with the 360 degree full rotation so it is suitable for anyone looking for a bit more difficulty and challenge than what they may get out of other units or athletes especially the skateboarders, snowboarders or skiers as a great balance training tool. It doesn’t stand out with its attractive graphics or design but what it doesn’t offer in terms of appeal is compensated by its great functionality so do never judge a book by its cover. FitterFirst Extreme Pro weighs about 9 pounds with dimensions of 7 x 11 x 30 inches and the board surface is 10 x 30 inches which gives you a lot of space to maneuver.

FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro

With the two wooden blocks on hinges that you’ll see when you get this unit shipped to your address and take it out of its box you’ll notice two ways of using this: The easy way without longitudinal hinges and the hard and challenging way. When you are new to balance boards in your first few days some of you may think what the hell? And you may think it is not that special but then you will soon realise this is one of the best things you can treat yourself. This is an extreme balance device and is a great tool for balance assistance and for those that really want to seriously improve their core power and till you get the hang of it for hands-free usage you may end up on the floor so make sure you have enough padding around and it will require quite a bit of practice. Also when you do push up lunges, squats and other exercises as you will gain great range of motion and will be testing your stability. This is not one of those balance boards that rely on rollers (without rollers means safer) but a more complex and challenging unit that can be adjusted for level of difficulty and we highly recommend it for home use or gym setting. And this is certainly not something you will buy and put in the cupboard to collect dust but a great tool that you will use regularly. As a return policy FitterFirst guarantees 100% satisfaction without conditions- you may return the product within 60 days with no questions asked but you will need an RMA- Return Authorisation number from the customer support team that will also try and help you out if you have any questions or encounter any problems.

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