Flexispot Deskcise Pro Exercise Desk Bike Review

Flexispot Deskcise Pro Exercise Desk Bike

Flexispot Deskcise Exercise Desk Bike

Flexispot Deskcise Pro is an October 2017 release exercise bike with a desk for home or office use, thanks to its special design that is a 2018 nominee of CES Innovation Awards. It has an on-demand height-adjustable chair, is easily adjustable for height and combines an exercise bike and a standing desk.

So you can sit, stand and cycle in the same workstation while you’re working, reading a book or watching TV. It runs smoothly and quietly with pedals that feel very nice to use. You can make use of eight resistance levels that you can adjust via the tension dial just in the middle, in front of the seat so you can benefit from different levels of resistance. You can just do a casual exercise while you’re busy working or work on your legs seriously and change in between as you go along.

Deskcise has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds (136kg) that makes it good for a big percentage of adults. It is suitable for use by people of all ages, kids, young, middle-aged and elderly. We like that it is quite a functional and versatile bike that can be used in three different forms depending on customers’ needs. It is a mobile bike that can be moved on its locking caster wheels that include the gravity sensor wheel locks.

The seat is rather comfortable for long sessions and can be adjusted both vertically (to accommodate people between 5’1” and 6’1”) and horizontally (back to front). One little problem is that your leg may hit the seat when you’re using it as a standing desk and it may not be ideal for standing work situations. The desk is not super stable due to being light and mobile and there can be a little bit of shaking if you are the kind of person that is hard on the keys of the laptop.

Flexispot 2017 Exercise Desk Bike

So there is a little bit of an ergonomics issue. But it is a lightweight and portable product that offers cost efficiency thanks to its three-in-one versatile design so you don’t have to pay for different products. This is good for those wanting to not pay too much or save on their already limited space.

It will help you burn calories while you’re working at the desk or watching a movie, without having to think about exercise. Deskcise is assembly-free, you will get it to your address in two pieces with the bike and desk already assembled and you’ll just need to attach the desk to the main bike part, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Because it runs very quietly nobody will be complaining in the office or at home and it will not distract you from your work or movie either. As the compact desk bike measures only 35 x 32 inches, you can put it away until next time you use it. The desk is big enough to accommodate a regular size laptop and a mouse, not much more. What stands out most here is the very quick assembly (less than a minute), all-in-one versatility, cost efficiency, superior pedaling, 8 resistance levels, beautiful design, quiet operation always under 60 decibels and the 360-degree swivel gravity sensor auto-locking caster wheels.

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