GARTIO Multi-Function Barbell Dumbbell Rack, Squat Stand, Dip Station Review

GARTIO Multi-Function Barbell Dumbbell Rack

GARTIO Multi-Function Barbell Dumbbell Rack

GARTIO Multi-Function Barbell Dumbbell Rack is a portable and adjustable, heavy duty resistance training fitness equipment that works as a dip station, bench press rack, dumbbell rack, squat stand for lifting weights- dumbbells and barbells. It is a number one new release at among the strength training dumbbell racks.

Gartio Multi-Function Rack is a home gym fitness strength training unit with a maximum total load capacity of up to 570 pounds.┬áThe barbell stand has a heavy duty steel structure with a 2 x 2 inches thickness. It feels more stable with its great triangular structure and the T-shape base that will not turn over during your workout. It is a rather robust rack that will not shake or wobble when you’re working out or transferring the barbell. You can change it to a dip station and a squat rack as you wish.

Please note that you will not get the bench or the barbell that you see in the photos. You can adjust the base width to 6 levels between 30 and 49 inches, base height to 4 levels between 0 and 3.5 inches, bracket height to 13 levels between 33 and 61 inches. The base height can be adjusted by the easy to use bolt and the base width and the rack height can be adjusted by the unique plastic screws. So you have a total of 17 height adjustments and 6 width adjustments. It looks and feels like a pro grade fitness equipment that is designed for home use.

The squat rack has the rubber feet that are anti-slip and resistant to abrasion and that will keep it in place and prevent any scratches and also help reduce any noise. The steel pipes have the powder coating that make them more sturdy and durable. The very long protection rod has the foam padding that will offer you more comfort and durability.

You can comfortably do your shoulder press, dips, bench press, overhead lifts, squats etc. on this versatile rack/stand. GARTIO Multi-Function Rack has a 570 lb. total weight capacity, measures 49(L) x 33-49(W) x 33-61(H) and will not take up a lot of space. It will work in places where there is not much space and you want some variety to your workout routine. It is important that you warm up prior to working out with this multi-function rack. You’ll get the accessories you need, and all the tools and instructions for the assembly. Please note that you are better off fastening the nuts by a wrench and not by hand. Customer service can be contacted with any queries you may have.

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