Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine GFRSTCAT Review

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine 

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

The Gazelle Freestyle is a simple to operate step machine with a choice of ten cool exercises for a whole body low impact workout whether your goal is to lose weight by burning calories, enhancing cardio endurance and toning muscles with an awesome motion range which varies between a regular walk and fast run without sudden halts.

You will burn calories in two different ways with resistance and aerobic exercise. It is easy to use, offers fun and quick workout sessions, heart rate goes up and anybody at all fitness levels can use it- young, old, male, female and as a versatile unit it is suitable for both exercise newbies to advanced level.

In the product box you will find the freestyle step machine, a 22 ounce water bottle and holder, a total body workout DVD and a nutrition guide. Gazelle Freestyle is quite compact, foldable, easy to move around and you can fit it anywhere in your house. It has two pedals and two arm poles  just like a cross country ski glide both of which do back and forth movements. You can target different muscles by just changing your position, at which position you hold the handlebars will determine how you will work your lower or upper body.

And by only holding the crossbars rather than the padded foam handles you will work your leg muscles. Low impact means it will not be hard on your joint, knees and your body- not harder than what you can handle. Computerized LCD panel is easy to use and will offer direct feedback for time, distance, speed and burned calories and has an integrated thumb pulse to track your heart rate. Foot platforms are very large in size and anti-slip and it can carry 300 pounds of maximum user weight which is higher than the Gazelle Edge model.

Gazelle Freestyle Step MachinesA customer found it hard to install even though they got help from someone that owns Gazelle Edge step machine, it took them around two hours but they also point out that they are very happy with the product- claiming it to be even better than Edge as it runs smoother, more stable and feels better overall.

There are others that talk about difficulty of assembly but those are older reviews and company seemed to have changed this for good. It feels nice being able to use such product in the comfort of your home and as it is not noisy you can watch TV, listen to music but u obviously don’t want to read a book on a step machine.

It is easier to use and quieter than a treadmill and more convenient than having to go to a gym 4-5 times a week. You will tone and trim your lower body, tone your legs and calves with the toe raise, strengthen your shoulders, arms and chest. By holding the handles low you will work your lower body harder, middle grip with work lower and upper body equally and by holding onto the crossbar / front bar you will place all the work onto the legs. Other than the complaints about the difficulty of installation with the older model, there is really nothing wrong with this exercise machine. Highly recommended!

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