Gazelle Supreme Step Machine GSUPCAT Review

Gazelle GSUPCAT Supreme Step Machine via Amazon

Gazelle Supreme Step Machines GSUPCAT review

Gazelle Supreme GSUPCAT is a top of the range step machine that is versatile, easy and fun to use for a comprehensive cardio exerciser and for muscle tightening, toning and strengthening of both your lower and upper body (aerobic and resistance training) by anybody at any fitness level- beginners to advanced as you’re given the option of turning the resistance on and off, depending on how much challenge you want. With the innovative soft glide technology it offers a reduced impact type of workout so it won’t have much of an impact on your joints and the strain will be limited and the power piston hydraulic resistance ensures quite a challenging workout you will get your heart rate up, burn calories easily, slim down, tone your muscles and it will all feel a lot of fun. It includes a built-in computer and LCD panel that displays the time, distance, speed, calories and pulse rate through the pulse grip on the handles. Foot platforms are very large and anti slip as the rubber inserts absorb shock and offer great support to your feet. You will get to work in a very good range and freedom of movement for better muscle toning thanks to the dual pivot system (dual-action split suspension) as your legs move independently.

Gazelle Supreme Step Machines GSUPCAT review

Gazelle Supreme weighs 57.5 pounds- is quite heavy (sturdy, durable and stable) with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (even very heavy adults will feel stable on it) and has the measurements of 44 x 31.5 x 55 inches so it is compact, has a small footprint and with the foldable design (folds in half) and wheels it can be transported easily for storage. You can start out by stretching, doing a slower walk then speed up and run fast as you can comfortably do a long workout of up to ten different exercises thanks to the low impact nature of this unit, comfy shock absorbing foot platforms and very dense foam handles offering comfort for your hands. You will experience the benefits of strength training, dancing, cross-country skiing, walking, running and stretching in one machine. It is easy enough to assemble but the instructions provided are not the best and if you will be doing it alone, expect it to take about an hour or so and it doesn’t come lubricated out of the box and if you want it to run smoothly and quietly you need to lubricate it properly. You will find three exercise DVDs (Quick Shape and Ultimate Body & Mind by Tony Little and Total Body Workout), a Nutrition Guide, a water bottle holder and the 22 oz. bottle in the package.

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