Genki Vibration Machine Platform Whole Body Shaper Review

Genki Vibration Machine Platform Whole Body Shaper

Genki Vibration Machine Plate Platform

Genki Vibration Platform is designed for helping you burn calories, toning and tightening skin and keeping your body in shape by passive exercise with little effort on your side. It is one of the latest vibration plates on the market and is offered in black, red or silver colors. You need to dedicate only ten minutes of your time every day to get results according to the manufacturer and the promoters of similar vibration units.

It shall have certain benefits, considering such vibration platforms are found at some gyms. But it should be used in combination with your conventional fitness routine along with healthy eating. This is a compact and portable platform and will occupy little space on your floor, has a sleek and modern design and measures 26 x 15 x 5.5 inches approximately. It can carry users with a maximum weight of 330 pounds. As a very powerful product, it offers you a total of 120 speeds to choose from, from very low all the way to very high to adjust the intensity. You also have ten automatic program modes for your varying workout needs, and three channels for walking, jogging, running, and you have the yoga, rope skipping, massage and fitness modes you can select.

Genki Vibration Machine Platform

The vibration plate surface is made of scratch-resistant ABS plastic and anti-slip for your comfort and security during your session and has a piano paint on top. Genki Vibration Plate holds a variety of security certifications (SAA, EMC, ROHS, LVD, CE) and security features like anti-static, anti-jamming, overload protection and circuit protection, so is a perfectly safe product to use.

You’ll get two yoga resistance bands in the box so you can work on your arms and upper body. Anti-slip mat, exercise poster, and dirt proof cover are also included as a bonus. You may start and stop and change your speed via the infrared remote control included. It is claimed to work (help you lose weight and tone your muscles and skin) is via increasing the metabolism. It will help improve your flexibility, blood circulation, balance, strength, muscle toning and will especially be good for your abs, waistline, and hips. And you only need to use it ten minutes per day and three times a week.

On the panel you will see two small LED-backlit screens for Speed and Time/Mode. It has an output voltage of 100-170 DC, the amplitude of 0~0.4inch and frequency of 50Hz. It comes with easy to read and follow instructions and you should be able to start using it almost immediately. It is built solid and sturdy, offers a low impact type of workout, is fun and easy to use, doesn’t require any effort on your side and you will really be increasing your metabolism which you can tell by how much you’ll be sweating. If you’ve had a sedentary lifestyle and had no exercise due to certain conditions, this may especially work for you and you will feel your muscles working. It is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with this vibration plate for whatever reason you can return it for a full refund. Customer service is also reported to be quite good.

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