Get a Juicer or a Blender for Healthy Drinks?

Juicing or Blending For Your Daily Healthy Drinks

Blender or Juicer

We all heard it many times how good veggies and fruits are and when you become smarter and wiser as you get older or as you read more about nutrition, you may start asking yourself if you should blend or juice your fruits and vegetables if eating whole is not an option, so should you get a multi-purpose blender or a juicer for that purpose. By mixing or blending it you will have all the dietary fiber in your glass without disposing of the pulp and more fiber means you will be slowly digesting foods, you will be cleaning up your digestive system and your blood sugar will not spike and drop as much and with a juicer you will have your fresh and smooth juice and with less fiber you will get a sudden energy boost by taking in the right nutrients quickly and your digestive system will sort of get a small break as there will be less pulp you need to digest. You can always extract the juice with a juicer and mix with nuts, milk or yoghurt. With blenders or multi functional food processors you can make a variety of things including sauces, salsas, soup, pasta, bread dough, nut butters, baby food and more.

With a full glass of a mixed juice or of fruit of your choice you can get all the nutrients- vitamins, minerals, healthy enzymes you need and from your daily dose of fruits and vegetables and as long as it is a tasty treat you will want to have it every day, so you will gradually learn to eat and drink healthy with these quick and convenient drinks packed with nutrients. The way juicers work is separating the liquid or juice from fruits and veggies, nutrients while releasing the dietary fiber and the remaining pulp in a different container, offering you a pulp-free liquid juice while blenders include all the fibers your digestive and cardiovascular system need and these blenders often come with multiple functions and they are strong enough with their very sharp blades to cut and crush anything that comes in their way: Ice, ice cream, veggies and fruits. Whatever way you choose will be good for you and will help you get your daily recommended fruit and juice intake and will come down to your taste and choices. And by not running down to the stores to get juice or smoothie and by choosing the ingredients and making it yourself you will be saving money over time as well as improving your health so get the right appliance for your needs that will suit your taste.