Gharpbik Smart Walk PB002 Standing Walking Electric UnderDesk Treadmill

Gharpbik Smart Walk PB002 Underdesk Treadmill

Gharpbik Exercise Equipment Standing Walking Treadmill

Gharpbik Smart Walk PB002 is an electric standing and walking treadmill with a very modern design for use in your home gym or at the office. You can purchase it with or without handrails and the price difference is approximately 110 dollars on the day of this product review.

Without the handrail you can use it as an under-desk treadmill comfortably and burn calories while you’re typing etc. Other than the superior build quality it comes with some high-tech features like the amazing  “Intelligent Speed Control” technology invented by the Smart Walk. What makes it so great is that your exercise speed is automatically determined by the human motion track. You shall be able to adjust the speed at which you’re walking easily as you go along.

This is a smart exercise equipment with a very modern rather than a conventional design and a very slim body. There is a red button right in the middle in front of you and you can press it to stop your exercise whenever you wish. It has a compact, space saving and foldable design and you can put it against the wall, under your bed or sofa. Gharpbik Treadmill is easy on the eyes with its very sleek and modern design, weighs only 63.9 pounds (made of the new composite material) and measures 57.8 x 24.8 x 3.9 inches.

You can expect very little noise, small amount of friction, low heat and durability from its efficient DC brushless motor with a power range of 0.3 and 0.75 horsepower. And your work or your colleagues will not be disturbed at all. You canGharpbik Exercise Treadmill walk or jog at speeds between 0 and 4.97 miles per hour (8kph). As a sturdy fitness equipment it can carry a maximum user weight of 330 pounds (150kg), which is higher than a lot of home treadmills we’ve reviewed so far.

You’ll see the calories, speed and counting indicators on the blue-backlit LCD display panel with touch button and induction controls for Speed + and -, Stop and Start functions. When you see 0:00 in the middle display you can use the remote control to increase or decrease your speed. If you press the + button on the remote for a few seconds till the middle display shows A:0, you can use the unit in inductive mode. At this point you can adjust the speed by the movements of your feet. This means your speed will increase if you walk faster and will decrease if you walk slower.

This treadmill is made of aerospace aluminum alloy which is more resistant to impact than the steel frame. There is more shock and impact absorption on the running belt as the collision is decreased between your body and the the belt. You’ll be less prone to injuries as your knees and joints are better protected. You’ll get a product warranty of one year by the company and your queries will be answered within 24 hours by their customer support team. The running belt measures 17 x 50 inches and may move to the left or right as your speed increases. This is perfectly normal for this treadmill and there is nothing to worry about.

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