GMWD Hip Sled Hack Squat Machine Combo, JD-RBD59 Review

GMWD Hip Sled Hack Squat Machine Combo

GMWD Leg Press Hack Squat Machine Combo

GMWD Hip Sled JD-RBD59 is a commercial grade leg press hack squat machine combo for use in your home gym. It has a current average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 7 customers at the time of this post release. June 8, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked the 30th best seller among the strength training leg machines.

Black GMWD Hip Sled weighs 325 pounds with a total weight capacity of 875 pounds and measures 32 x 60 x 79 inches. It is quite stable, safe and solid with its triangular structure with a 45-degree angle, regardless of how much weight you train with. This 3-in-1 hip sled is a set of calf raise, leg press and a hack squat machine and will help train the strong muscles of your body including your legs, particularly the quads. You can disassemble and install it easily for changing the function and structure of this training machine. 

It is a commercial grade hip sled with a 50 x 100mm (2 x 4 inches), 14 gauge steel frame and good quality faux leather. You can transfer between a hack squat machine and a leg press machine easily as you adjust the backrest. People that are 5’7” and taller can use this unisex adult hip sled comfortably. And there are two levels on the safety catch for accommodating users with different heights and needs. Training your legs on this leg press machine can help you increase your heart rate, burn more calories and fat and help you get a toned lower body. 

It comes with the 4 weight storage holders, a hack squat footboard, a leg press seat pad, a leg press footboard, a leg press backrest and two shoulder pads. The weight holders are made of thick and robust steel sleeves with a high bearing capacity for putting large amounts of heavy plates. The diameter of the weight holder is 2 inches and you can use the 2-inch Olympic weight plates. The thick leg press backrest thatGMWD Hip Sled JD-RBD59 Leg Press measures 14W x 29L inches has the breathable leather with a soft foam inside that is wear-resistant and sweat proof for more comfortable workout sessions. The large footboard offers foot support when you do your leg press. 

You can do calf raises with both the leg press and hack squat machine. It has a rectangular base frame that expands the floor area that the fitness machine takes up. The non-slip texture enhances the bottom friction and offers enhanced safety. In the package you will find the leg press hack squat machine, user manual and tools. It is shipped unassembled in 4 boxes to your address via and you’ll get the tools and the instructions needed. You may get these four boxes at different times. GMWD is a very new brand with only two years of history and was created by the professional technical and factory team. It is offered with a limited lifetime warranty and the customer support can be contacted via your order page.

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