Gold’s Gym 300 lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set, OSH-GG300 Review

Gold’s Gym 300 lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set

Gold's Gym 300 lb Olympic Barbell Weight Set

Gold’s Gym (OSH-GG300) is an Olympic barbell weight set of barbells for all levels of weight training- beginner to advanced with a total weight of 300 pounds: Six 5-pound plates, four 10-pound plates, four 25-pound plates, two 45-pound plates, a seven-foot Olympic bar and spring collars.

With a variety of weights, you can customise the combination of weights that you can handle on the day. And you can progress faster and better and achieve your training goals. So it is perfectly suitable for beginner or intermediate trainers that want to move up their weightlifting up to more advanced levels.

The heavy-duty barbells have the convenient handgrips and are constructed with solid cast iron along with steel bar with rotating sleeves. All the weights- barbells seem to fit the solid bar very well. The total weight for the barbells is 260 pounds and the remaining 40 pounds is for the 7-foot bar. And you will not need to assemble anything with this product.

The bar seems to have been built from three pieces bolted together with the hex head cap screws. You have a small grip space in the center and two large ones on the end that include a little smooth line for equal hand spacing. The weight set will be shipped to your house free of charge. And this is a lot more convenient than carrying it out of a store in pieces unless you have the help of another person.

The 40-lb bar is constructed buy Cap Barbell, includes rotating sleeves and can easily handle the 260-pound weight that it comes with. Please note that the real Gold's Gym 300 lb Olympic Barbell Weight SetOlympic bars weigh 45 pounds but this one is pretty good too, with subtle knurling giving grip without causing blisters.

They will be shipped in seven separate boxes or items (two boxes for the 25 lb. barbells, a box for the rest of the weights, an envelope of spring clips and a cylinder cardboard for the bar) and you may get all of them in two different days. Please make sure you count all the boxes when you receive them to check there is nothing missing, as they will be under the same SKU.

If you get anything missing you may end up having to deal with customer service and ordering the new ones. So just make sure everything is complete when you get it shipped to your address. It would perhaps be nice to have the 2.5-pound matching weights as well. What you’re getting in terms of total weight and the variety of matching weights at the price level is pretty good. This is a decent value for money weight set.

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