Golds Gym Stride Trainer 450I Elliptical Trainer Review

Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 450I Elliptical

Golds Gym Stride Trainer 450I Elliptical

Black Golds Gym Stride Trainer 450i is a modern elliptical trainer with a sturdy build and functionality with a set of user-friendly features for a nice cardiovascular workout at home. It allows you to use different preset workouts designed by the certified personal trainers to work on your lower body, abdominals and upper body.

As an iFit compatible fitness unit, it lets you access different routes globally on Google StreetView, while the stride imitates the terrain. You can make use of your workout apps through your tablet by putting it in front of you on the convenient tablet holder provided. You can change the resistance levels by pressing the button on the display panel rather than changing through a tension knob like on some of the cheaper models.

There is a total of 14 levels of resistance and you will feel the burn both on your legs and your arms with the upper-body resistance arms. The stride length of 17 inches feels comfy and natural even if you are taller than average. And it is more than adequate to give you a decent leg workout and help you burn calories and fat. You will be working on your arms, chest, shoulders, back and core as well as different leg muscles- is especially good for toning your muscles around your thighs, legs, lower back, knees and buttocks.

Golds Gym Stride Trainer 450I Elliptical Trainer

As a heavy duty elliptical trainer, Golds Gym Stride Trainer 450i weighs 127 pounds and measures 47 x 26 x 18 inches- is bigger in reality than in photos. It doesn’t have a folding design, is hard to lift but can be wheeled away on your own on the transport wheels. It is easy enough to put together and should take you a couple of hours with the easy to follow instructions and you can start using it straight away as it is easy to operate too.

You can listen to your music or watch a show on your tablet and stay focused on the quiet magnetic resistance design by the frictionless operation of flywheel ensures there is not much noise. It has the Bluetooth, an iPod-compatible sound system, includes decent speakers and you can connect your MP3 player or listen to the songs on your smartphone.

There is also a workout fan that will help you stay cool during your long workouts. The LCD display has a different unique design to what we are normally used to seeing on ellipticals. It seems to be focused more on the training programs, with the buttons for On/Reset, Select Week, Select Day and Start for the 8-week weight loss program, Bluetooth, Onboard Workout Apps, Weight Loss, Performance, Manual Control, 2 Fan speed settings, Digital Resistance + and – and Volume Up and Down. You can see the speed, time, calories and watts on the LCD-backlit display.

It includes the oversized and anti-slip textured pedals that offer comfort and security. There is a water bottle holder just in the middle, in front of the pedals so you can keep hydrated during your workout. It is offered with a 90-day parts and labor warranty, which is OK but not great as we would have expected at least a year. You’ll need the batteries for the LCD display as we’re not sure if they are included in the package. iFit compatible means it has the iFit feature enabled and you need to pay a monthly ($9.99) or annual fee($99) to use the app. This is a sturdy, functional and premium looking and feeling elliptical that offers good value.

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