Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Workout Bench Preacher Curl Leg Extension Review

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Workout Bench via Amazon

Golds Gym XRS 20 Workout Bench

Gold’s Gym XRS20 is a well built solid piece of equipment with a gym grade design, olympic multiple incline and decline positions, preacher curl and leg extension attachments- detachable curl yoke and rolled preacher pad for your upper body by isolating your forearms and biceps and six foam leg developers for your hamstrings, glutes, hip-flexors, calves and quads at a relatively economical price. But it is a great solid and functional unit with a 300 pound maximum user weight plus 300 pound weights capacity at a reasonable price and it is something we would recommend at the price level- is actually quite low for what you’re getting. You’ll be able to get a total body workout without having to get to gym with a variety of exercises for your lower body, abs and upper body and the flexibility of being able to adjust it to decline, incline or flat positions is great. It includes an olympic weight adapter, a 2 inch spring clip and an exercise chart and weights are not provided in the package so you need to purchase them separately. And you will find adjustable 9.5 inch safety spotters on the main weight bench so you will not be likely to experience accidents- effective and safe workouts. Gold’s Gym XRS20 measures 65 x 49 x 73 inches and won’t occupy a lot of space, looks nice with dark and light gray colours on the pads and frame and the yellow knobs with a nice Gold’s Gym symbol.

Golds Gym XRS20 Workout Bench

Preacher pad offers decent exercise form when you’re working on your biceps and forearms and is rolled at the top for more comfort. The bar of the roller pads for working the legs could be a bit wider for comfort and convenience so your legs could rest in the middle rather than on the edges or there could be an optional accessory opportunity for larger and thicker pads but the motion range is good for both preacher curl and leg attachment. Seat can be adjusted conveniently from decline to flat and different incline positions but not the military upright position. It usually ships quickly via Amazon and arrives very well packaged and requires a bit of assembly work that may take a few hours but is not a difficult task with the clear instructions provided. You can easily adjust the base of the posts for standard and olympic weights. As minor cons bench is a bit high and if you’re not tall your feet may not touch the ground when you’re lifting weights and you may need to put your feet on the bottom stand and it doesn’t come with transportation wheels and rubber bits on feet tend to fall off. Gold’s Gym has about five decades of history since the first Gold’s Gym was founded in Southern California and with the experience ICON Health & Fitness has been developing a variety of gym grade cardio and resistance training equipment for home use.

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