GOOGO HS105W Water Rower Rowing Machine with 331lb. Capacity Review

GOOGO HS105W Water Rower Rowing Machine

GOOGO Water Rowing Machine

GOOGO HS105W is a water rowing machine with a very solid and durable frame that can carry up to 331lb. total user weight, LCD-backlit display, iPad holder, quiet and smooth sliderail and adjustable paddles for a decent indoor whole body workout in the comfort of your house or wherever you wish to put it.

Being a recent release water rowing machine it has a single 5 star rating so far and is currently the 22nd best selling rowing machine at Blue Googoo HS105W Water Rowing Machine weighs 79.37 pounds and has a space saving design with the folded measurement of 83.2 x 21.8 x 38.6 inches. It has an alloy steel frame as part of its robust construction comes with the transportation wheels and can stand up against a wall for easy storage.

With the water resistance it will feel like doing real strokes outdoors on a river or a lake. It is nice to hear the relaxing whooshing sound of water during your exercise and you can have a more pleasant experience. The seat slides smoothly on the rail and works quietly without disturbing you or people around you. The pedals have the adjustable height and will feet any feet size. You will feel comfortable on its thick and ergonomic seat. There is a smartphone/tablet holder for having a bit of fun during your workout session and to be able to go for longer.

GOOGO Water Rower 331lb Capacity

The large LCD-backlit console display shows the distance traveled, number of strokes, calories burned and SPM and Scan mode that shows each of these indicators one by one. And you can track your workout progress when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Generally speaking it may work better for you as a whole body workout that gets up to 80-85% of your muscles involved as compared to a treadmill or bike. Beginner, intermediate or advanced rowers can use it comfortably without much risk of injury.

It works with the water resistance and there are 6 levels of water and how much you put in and how hard you pull it will determine the challenge level. You will get 5 water purification tablets and you use only one tablet each time. It is shipped 80% assembled and you can complete the rest by yourself by screwing the separated parts. It is offered with a 30-day return guarantee, 2-year parts replacement warranty along with a 24-hour good customer support that will be happy to assist you with any queries or questions you may have. Even though it is not very cheap it is offered at a reasonable price as compared to the other water rowing machines on the market.

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