Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine- Upgraded Model Review

Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Bike Dual Cross Trainer via Amazon

Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine Exercise Upgraded Model

Here we have the latest up to date, end of 2015 release and great quality Goplus elliptical dual cross trainer and exercise bike in one. It offers the features and settings of both a cycling and cross training machine with a comfy seat, large pedals and forward and backward elliptical motion, designed for indoor use to help keep you burn calories and stay fit and healthy.

It is a solidly built, durable stationary unit with a robust stainless steel construction for stability and durability for years and a simplistic but new and innovative design that weighs 67 pounds and measures 59.5 x 37 x 24.2 inches and the maximum amount it can carry is 250 pounds. Despite being a low cost equipment it has the pulse rate sensors on two separate fixed handles and a functional on-board LCD display that shows the heart rate as well as speed, calories, distance, time exercised. Resistance system is very simple to use with the adjustable tension knob and has a felt brake pad.

Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine Upgraded Model

Pedals are large and comfy, seat is the very comfortable sport saddle variety and is adjustable for your comfort and to accommodate a people of different heights and sizes (according to company guide) but it is more appropriate to say GoPlus is more for smaller sized people being a smaller bike so you should look at other models as you will be presented choices on this product’s page.

Chain-driven fan wheel with electrode-less speed adjustment offers smooth and quiet operation and you will stay comfortable on its ergonomic saddle even on a long ride for a great cardio and total body exercise for both your lower (butts, legs, hips) and upper body (shoulders and arms) with the elliptical handles at beginner and more advanced levels. When you’re done using it for your daily workout and if you are short on space in your room you can just wheel it away for convenient storage as it is also a compact unit that is relatively light in weight.

These products are straight from the manufacturer so you’re kind of getting the best quality possible for your money. The elliptical cross training arms are removable if they are getting in your way during cycling and there is adequate distance between these arms and the fixed arms with pulse rate sensors. In the box you will find the GoPlus elliptical cross trainer bike and the instruction manual as it requires a simple installation when you first take it out of its package.Considering the low price level for the solid build and functionality we couldn’t really find anything wrong with it and as long as you don’t have super high expectations of a premium very expensive trainer you will be a satisfied customer.

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