Goplus 600W Electric Treadmill Folding Power Motorized Running Jogging Machine Review

Goplus 800W Electric Folding Treadmill (Previous 600W Model) via Amazon

Goplus Electric Treadmill 600W Folding Power Motorized Running Jogging Machine

Here is an 800 watt power foldable design motorized electric treadmill by Goplus with walking, jogging and running speeds for everyday cardiovascular use (Previous 600 watt model is replaced with 800W).. It has a solid heavy duty steel frame but is designed for only home use (not suitable for gym or commercial use due to size and the way it operates) but is quite stable and can carry a maximum user weight of 260 pounds. It has a simple but nice design, measures 48 x 24 x 49 inches as assembled and 48 x 24 x 10 inches as folded and has a 14 x 39.4 inch running belt (occupies little space both as set up or assembled). You can walk or run at speeds between 1 to 12 km per hour (you can set the speed through the control panel between slow walking speed to faster jogging and running) and as an imported product it doesn’t show miles per hour (1 mile = 1.61 km). You can burn calories and fat, work on your leg muscles, enhance blood flow, decrease blood cholesterol, improve heart and lung, stay fit and healthy- do your cardio exercise, in the comfort of your home without having to get to gym and you will be less likely to suffer from certain chronic diseases. It is easily foldable to be conveniently rolled away on its transportation wheels and stored away, in even a regular sized closet.

Goplus Electric Treadmill 600W Folding Power

GoPlus 800W Treadmill requires simple assembly (easily done straight out of the box) with instructions provided for set up, operation and folding. Control panel is a LED display with multiple functions as it shows calories burned, time, distance travelled, speed and scan to move from one to the other every few seconds. You’ll also see a red magnetic piece in the middle which is available on all treadmills as a security measure with one end clipped to your clothing and the other on the circle between start and stop buttons so if you were to fall off when you’re exercising this magnetic piece will disconnect and stop the unit so you don’t get further injuries. This is a sturdy and well built unit that doesn’t feel flimsy but it would be appropriate to say that it is more suitable for walking, slow running on a simple incline and light use at home by one or two people regularly rather than walking and heavy use by many people every da. It is a lightweight unit but works quietly so you can play music or watch shows on TV while exercising and you can go longer as well. For a treadmill that doesn’t cost a lot, it certainly get the job done, is compact in size, can be moved around easily, has a simplistic yet modern design and will have to be one of the better treadmills at this low price point. It has a 600 watt motor, needs 110 volts of voltage and 60Hz frequency to operate. In the box you will find the treadmill, an instructions manual along with a year warranty and a bag accessory.

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