Goplus Adjustable Sit Up AB Incline Bench Review

Goplus Adjustable Sit Up AB Incline Bench via Amazon

Goplus Adjustable Sit Up AB Incline Abs Bench Flat Fly Weight Press Gym Red

GoPlus Adjustable Sit Up Bench is designed for incline sit ups to work your whole abdominal area- core and to work out with free weights- dumbbells or barbells to perform a variety of chest, shoulder, back and arm exercises in a sitting or lying position. The back is adjustable to six different positions / angles including upright and flat to target slightly different parts of your body and the seat can be adjusted to two as you may see on the product photos. For the price level it is a fairly stable unit as the maximum weight capacity is specified as 440 pounds, which includes the user and the weights and the rectangular tube is 45 x 45 x 1.5mm- it has a heavy duty steel construction. The bench is comfortable enough to sit or lie your back on as it has ample padding that is 1.6 inch thick, the seat section pad measuring 12.6 x 9.4 and the back pad 30 x 9.4 inches. The whole unit is 45.3 x 23.6 x 50 inches as assembled so it will suit people of different heights and sizes and will require basic assembly once you get it shipped to your address and you will find the instructions manual as well as the sit up board in the package.

Goplus Adjustable Sit Up AB Incline Abs Bench

This is a low cost bench so you really can not keep your expectations too high but for what it is, certainly does the job for everyday use, works fine and feels stable enough and as mentioned by one of the customers, if you feel the bolt that is sent to you is a little smaller than the holes on bottom and top pads then you may just get a bolt that fits from a hardware store to a couple of dollars but we really think it was a one off problem and you may need a socket wrench to tighten the nuts, which is again necessary for stability of the bench. You can strengthen and tone your entire abdominal area, especially emphasize the lower abs and build and strengthen different muscles of your body, doing a variety of simple exercises but please do remember to warm up before any exercise program so you do not suffer back, shoulder or other physical injuries. The bench also lies completely flat with 17 inches height but not to decline press position and doesn’t have a foldable design or transport wheels, but is not hard to move around in your house. This surely seems to be a pretty good deal for the low price level concerned.

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