Goplus Electric Treadmill For Seniors Elders with Extra Long Handles Review

Goplus Electric Walking Jogging Treadmill For Seniors 

Goplus Electric Treadmill Walking Jogging Machine For Seniors Elders

Black Goplus Electric Treadmill reviewed on this page is a walking and jogging fitness machine with a 0.75 horsepower (110V, 50/60Hz) motor for seniors/elders use. It includes very long handles/arms as you can see in the photos and this makes the unit ideal for elders.

These long arms have extra padding with thick foam which makes it very comfy for seniors and much safer. As a solid and sturdy treadmill with a very good quality steel frame, it can carry a user weight up to 220 pounds. The running belt measures 45.5 x 15 inches which are quite all right for slower pace walking and jogging purposes. And as a walking treadmill designed for older people, it is not a running machine anyway.

But although it is for senior adults there is no reason why younger adults can’t use it. It is nice to have the extra long handles in case of a potential accident but as an extra security measure you have the red security key with the cord that you can attach to your clothes and the treadmill will stop in case of an emergency situation. With the convenient foot pads at each corner, your floors will be protected from damages.

There is a standard easy to read design LED display panel that measures 8 x 6 inches, similar to the ones we saw on the other budget priced GoPlus treadmills. And it tells you your current speed, calories burned, distance traveledGoplus Electric Treadmill Walking Jogging Machine For Seniors Display Panel, current speed and scan that shows each of these stats one by one every nine seconds or so without you pressing any buttons.

It is nice to be able to monitor how you’re doing and keep motivated to achieve your fitness target. You need to select these indicators by pressing Mode and change your speed with Speed – and +. It is designed for older adults to do their cardiovascular exercise at home or in the office and will help them burn calories, tone lower body muscles, and core section, stay in shape, increase their heart rates, enhance their cardiovascular fitness and feel better overall.

The major difference this one has over the other regular treadmills is the safety handles with twice the length. And the maximum speed you can get on this one is 4 miles per hour. Being a US stock product it shall be sent within a couple of days. It weighs 66 pounds and has the dimensions of 56 x 26 x 44 inches as assembled. It is rather easy to put together unless you feel weak or have mobility issues etc. This is a new product so there aren’t many customer reviews out yet but the ones we see so far are positive.

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