GoPlus Heavy Duty Power Rack Pull/Chin Up Bar & Squat Cage Review

GoPlus Heavy Duty Power Rack Pull/Chin Up Bar & Squat Cage

Goplus Power Rack Heavy Duty Pull:Chin Up Bars Squat Cage

The newly released power rack by GoPlus is a heavy duty multifunction muscle building product that includes a squat cage and chin-up/pull-up bar. It is suitable for those that work out at home and build strength and muscles.

It is a robust and durable product with a 2 x 2 inches of square steel frame and powder coating that makes it resistant to scratching, corrosion and rust. This platform is designed and created for long-term use and will last for many more years to come.

Black GoPlus Power Rack weighs 107.8 pounds as a heavy-duty product and will measure 44 xx 46 x 84 inches as assembled. So you have a pretty big space to walk into and you can do your side to side movements easily. The height can be adjusted between 18 and 68 inches on the 14 different holes that are 3.9 inches away from each other.

This lets you lift your light and heavy weights safely and also store them properly. The 41” long sturdy electroplate steel bar has an inch diameter and can carry a total weight of up to 450 pounds. You can use this pull up/chin up bar for different parts of your body, but especially your arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders and upper back.

Goplus Power Rack Heavy Duty Pull:Chin Up Bars

You’ll find two sword-shaped security rods and two heat-tempered liftoffs on this power rack. And both can withstand frequent and heavy use over the years. This is a great sturdy all-in-one workout rack station that will help work on all your body, different leg muscles, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, upper and lower back and core section- abdominals.

Being an all-in-one full cage home exercise product it will help you save on space at home. You can do your incline press, decline press, flat bench press, military press, squats, calf raises, and shrugs. And the 14 holes for adjusting to different levels will let you target different muscle parts.

In the box, you will find the power rack and the instructions and user guide. You will need to assemble the parts that you receive via As you may know, most fitness products are sent unassembled these days. But it is easy enough to put together with the instructions and simple tools in the box.

Please do not be misled by the diameter of the pull-up/chin-up bar as it is designed to carry quite a lot of weight. But it can get a little slippery if your hands are sweaty. It is quite an affordable platform- power rack that gets the job done just fine and should prove secure and durable over many years of use and a sturdy and strong product. You can certainly feel confident and safe when you’re performing different routines on this equipment.

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