Goplus Indoor Stationary Adjustable Exercise Bike

Goplus Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike


Black and red GoPlus Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike “Sport” model is a high quality, brand new and modern product with a durable, heavy-duty steel frame, and a 22 pound optimally weighted and good size flywheel for smooth and quiet operation.

You have the aluminum alloy pedals that also feel comfy, electrode-less speed change and adjustable seat and handle design- up and down and back and forth. It is suitable for anyone that wants to do their daily cardiovascular- aerobic exercise to keep fit and healthy, lose weight- calories and fat, strengthen their legs and core section in the comfort of their homes, without having to leave home in not so pleasant weather conditions or those with not much time left from work and other duties.

GoPlus “Sport” Bike weighs around 70 pounds and can have a maximum user weight of 286 pounds thanks to its solid and sturdy frame. It has a simplistic yet modern design includes an LED display with indicators like speed, calories, time, distance, scan that shows all these indicators one after the other, Odometer that shows the distance traveled from the start and heart rate via the sensors on the handles. The seat / saddle is claimed by the manufacturer to be pretty comfortable for lengthy cycling sessions (ultra comfy PU Sport saddle). 


By adjustable, we mean that the saddle height can be adjusted between 32 and 36 inches and the bar handle height between 42 and 46 inches, which is pretty good for accommodating people of different heights and sizes. In the package, you will get the GoPlus stationary exercise bike, a plastic water bottle and the instructions manual as you will need to perform a simple assembly that shouldn’t take more than an hour if you follow the instructions, and even better if someone is helping you out.

The seat feels comfortable and can be adjusted (positive locking seat post adjustment) for height just like the handle, bike runs smoothly with the optimal weighted 22lbs flywheel and with adjustable resistance of top-down resistance system that is easy to use, you are guaranteed a decent daily cardio workout and if all you want is keep fit and healthy, lose weight and not build muscles, then you won’t need to go to gym or pay for expensive memberships or classes. There is also an assembly video on Youtube for a very similar model of GoPlus and will come in handy if you find it difficult with the instructions provided, which we doubt. 

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