Goplus Olympic Folding Flat Incline Weight Bench Review

Goplus Olympic Folding Weight Bench via Amazon

Goplus Olympic Folding Weight Bench Incline Lift Workout Press Home

Here is a new release solid incline weight bench with a foldable design, that is made of tubular steel and PU cushion for home or outside use to perform different workouts to develop lower and upper body strength, have a better physique over time, feel and be healthier. It is very easy to use and there are a variety of exercises you can perform on the unit including incline press, bench press, leg extension and more. As a totally adjustable bench it can be used in flat and three different incline positions with a flat setting and three backrest incline angles and weight limits are specified as 44 pounds for the total bench, 175 pounds for spotters weight and 66 pounds for the curl accessory. It has large foam rollers for your comfort when you’re working on your legs and heavy duty 1.6 inch thick PU cushion back pad for more comfy upper body bench exercises. It includes the weight bench and the user manual and not the weights, is not shipped assembled and will require some simple assembly with the instructions and fittings provided.

Goplus Olympic Folding Weight Bench Flat Incline

GoPlus Folding Bench– whole unit weighs 39 pounds and measures 52 x 19.5 x 40.9 inches overall and 40 x 13 x 6 inches as folded. There are no transport wheels to move it to another room but the folding design still makes the bench easier to carry and helps with saving you space as it will stand upright in a corner of your room. It is very easy to put together, feels solid and durable when you’re lifting heavy weights, 1.5 inch thick padding (longer part 30 x 9.6 inches and the seat  pad 10.4 x 9.6 inches) makes it easier and more comfortable for you to work out longer and even lift more. For the price point it is quite a good quality robust weight bench with tubular steel and thick padding that also makes it comfy to sit or lie on and to let you push more and does not feel wobbly at all like some of the cheap entry level benches but you can’t expect it to be suitable for commercial gym use by tens of people each day. Weights are not provided in the box and you’ll need to purchase them separately if you don’t have them, which you can with the purchase of this product on as you’ll often find great deals. Like with any exercise program on any fitness equipment please do make sure that you warm up before lifting weights or you may easily end up with some kind of injury.

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