Goplus- Plus Adjustable Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike, 17 lb. Review

Goplus- Plus Adjustable Stationary Exercise Bike

Goplus Plus Adjustable Stationary Exercise Bike

GoPlus- Plus Stationary Indoor Bike with iPad Holder is an upgrade to the standard version with water bottle that we reviewed earlier and has some small differences in terms of design, flywheel size etc. You may want to have a look at the Amazon product page for the price difference.

The metal ash and black color Plus version is also adjustable and versatile, sturdy and functional for your professional indoor home cardiovascular workout. There are only a few customer reviews online for this specific Plus model but they are mainly positive with only small cons pointed out. It has a solid and ultra quiet 17-pound balanced iron flywheel and a belt driven mechanism for a quieter and smoother operation and better riding experience.

You shall not be disturbing other people or yourself when you’re reading a book or listening to music during your session. You may adjust the difficulty level- intensity via the tension knob in the center. It also works as an emergency brake to stop the workout immediately when you push it down. If you’re new to exercise you may want to start out slow and build up gradually, both in terms of intensity and duration. It is always a good idea to vary the resistance level throughout your workout to accelerate the fat and calorie burning.

Both the handle (up and down) and the seat (four ways- up/down and back/forward) are comfy and adjustable to accommodate shorter and taller people and different postures. The seat can be adjusted between 32.5 and 40.5 inches with a forward-backward range of 2.5′ inches. And you can adjust the handle between 40 and 44.5 inches. The breathable and comfy saddle has a soft and durable PU cushion and the handle is also nicely padded and comfortable to Goplus Plus Adjustable Stationary Exercise Bike LED Displayhold. The LED display panel has a single red button for viewing the workout stats like speed, calories, distance, total distance, time, pulse rate, ODOmeter and scan to switch between these automatically.

You can burn hundreds of calories each day, lose weight and strengthen different parts of your body- upper, core and lower, not just your leg muscles, promote blood circulation and increase metabolism. And you’ll get faster results that long last if you have a balanced diet and eat well on a daily basis. The four horizontal adjustment knobs on each leg help keep this bike stay put and stable- without wobbling on different grounds. And you can relocate it easily on its front transportation wheels that roll smoothly by holding the handles. Please note that this bike does not have a foldable design but also does not take up a lot of space anyway.

Steel metal ash GoPlus Plus Indoor Bike weighs 65 pounds with a user weight capacity of 230 pounds and the dimensions of 41L × 20W× 40H inches. It does not have a foldable design but also does not take up a lot of space anyway. The pedals are removable if you wish to change them for clip in pedals or whatever you like. There won’t be any jolting when you’re riding the bike thanks to the 17 lb. heavy duty flywheel. The caged aluminum alloy pedals are sturdy and durable, have the adjustable straps and will prevent any slipping during your session for safety. It seems to be worth the money for the sturdy construction, comfortable adjustable seat and handles, accurate reading on the display panel, lightweight and portability, smooth and quiet operation and more. We don’t hesitate to recommend it to those on the market for a heavy duty indoor bike at a fair price.

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