GYM of Fitness Upright Spinning Exercise Bike FN98001B Review

GYM of Fitness Exercise Bike FN98001B via Amazon

GYM of Fitness Exercise Bike FN98001B

Silver GYM of Fitness FN98001B is a late 2015 model modern design steel upright spinning exercise bike with current set of user friendly features for helping you get your cardio workout without having to leave your home, burn calories, get and stay fit, increase your heart rate and improve your health. This is a chain driven bike and with the weighted flywheel (22lbs) and a single piece crank for a smooth and quiet riding experience with a proper road feel and you can use it both for extreme stationary cycling or light paced workouts. It has a computerised single window LCD monitor that helps you keep an eye on your progress and motivate you to do more by displaying standard indicators like distance traveled, time, speed, calories burned, odometer and pulse rate through handle grip pulse sensor. It is well built and durable with a stainless steel frame and other vinyl and solid plastic parts, runs on self generating cycle power and mechanical cycle control, adjustable friction as cycle resistance and not adjustable stride. Both the ergonomic handlebar and seat can be conveniently adjusted (and rear end cap is adjustable for height) has and locked when seated and for your comfort and security the 13.5 x 4.7 inch pedals are non-slip and include adjustable straps, lock for emergencies and friction braking.

GYM of Fitness Exercise Bike FN98001B

Silver and black GYM of Fitness bike weighs 66 pounds with a maximum user weight capacity of 240 pounds and overall measurements of 49 x 47 x 24 inches. It doesn’t arrive assembled and will require simple assembly, needs minimal maintenance like the checking of chains or whatever is specified on the manual, is not a folding design bike but is portable as it can be easily transported and stored on its integrated wheels underneath. It is promoted as a spinning bike which is basically a regular indoor exercise bike with an ergonomic design, comfort and a true road feel and you will be experiencing an elevated energy exercise that is similar to even an outdoor racing bike. And with a 22 lbs – heavy flywheel that is directly connected to both pedals with a secure chain and you will push much harder at first to get it going then it will start getting easier because of momentum, just like an outdoor bike with the same kind of variable resistance control mechanism. You’ll be satisfied as long as you don’t expect the performance levels of heavy duty spin bikes that cost so much more and that can accommodate people up to 350 pounds of weight or so. With the spin bikes running at as much as a few thousand dollars, this one is certainly one of the lower priced spinning bikes you can find on the market but appears to be a decent sturdy one although there aren’t many customer reviews out yet.

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