H.B.S Portable Folding Electric Running Machine- Motorized Treadmill Review

H.B.S Portable Folding Electric- Motorized Treadmill

H.B.S Portable Folding Electric Running Machine

Here is a solid and reliable electric treadmill with a quiet 500 watt power motor (110V and 60Hz) and ideal size at an affordable price by H.B.S for great cardiovascular workout- walking, jogging or running in the comfort of your home- it is designed for home use, can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds on its heavy duty steel frame and is not commercial grade for gym use. It comes with a regular LED-backlit console with indicators like speed, calories burned, distance, time and as we can not see any heart rate sensor on either handle there is no pulse rate monitor and this multi-functional display panel will help you track your workout performance efficiently. It has a modern design, looks good in black and even if you leave it where it is, will not look out of space in the middle of your living room (measures 47 x 24 x 48 inches with a PVC running belt size of 39.75 x 13.5 inches). But if you are short on space you can move it to a convenient corner of your house or put it in closet when you’re not working out thanks to its foldable design (folded measurements of 50 x 24 x 19 inches) and casters underneath.

H.B.S Portable Folding Treadmill

You will feel safe and stable holding on its solid and comfortable handles (and you don’t have to be afraid of losing your balance or coordination) and you have the emergency stop function in case you can’t control it and the motor generates little noise so you can listen to music or even watch TV when you’re walking or running and with a bit of distraction you will be able to go longer. This is not a high impact workout as running often can be, because the deck has more than adequate support for your back, ankle and knee joints, especially for when you exercise longer than normal and your muscles will be able to recover quicker from your workout session. This is ideal for those that dislike going to gym regularly or are not keen on running outdoors because of very hot or cold- extreme weather conditions and you can get in and stay in shape. Just some words of caution though.. It is best if you do not use such machines when you’re pregnant or suffer from physical injuries that may potentially get worse and/or consult with your health care professional, you should not go on treadmill an hour prior to or after your meals and keep your pets and small kids away from the unit when you’re exercising. In the box you will find the main treadmill, instructions manual, an accessory bag and a twist plate.

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