HABUTWAY 5-in-1 55lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Review

HABUTWAY 5-in-1 55lb. Adjustable Dumbbell

HABUTWAY Adjustable Dumbbell 5-in-1,55lb

HABUTWAY Adjustable Dumbbell is a 5-in-1 single hand weight set with a total of 55lbs for use by men and women for performing different exercises in their home gyms. It has an anti-slip and anti-sweat handle for a nice and comfortable grip at all times and comes with a tray and a rack.

The weights that you can adjust to easily, in just one second on this dumbbell are 6.6, 19, 30, 44 and 55 pounds. The date it was first available at Amazon.com is January 13, 2022 and is ranked 14th among the best selling strength training sets. And there aren’t many customer reviews on the website other than a 5-star review. You have the five color options of blue, grey, purple, red and yellow with the same price tags on the day of this review. Please check the Amazon product page for the prices and availability at the time of your purchase.

The materials used are alloy steel, plastic and metal on this adjustable dumbbell that weighs 55 pounds and measures 18.11L x 9.45W x 7.3H inches. This weight set can be used by different people at different levels from beginner to advanced. You can use the weights for training your different muscles on different body parts, like back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, legs and abs. It has a conveniently space saving design and takes up less than 0.11 in your home gym or living room, unlike having a few dumbbells lying around.

HABUTWAY Adjustable Dumbbell 5-in-1, 55lb Single Hand

You’ll put the dumbbell back in the tray after you are done with your training session and this way the dumbbells will not damage your wooden floors. There are four safety buttons on each plate (16 red safety locks in total) and the plates will not drop during your workout session. The plates have the frosted powder coating that will prevent any abrasion or bad smells

It is a good quality weight training set that is built with the modern technology and there won’t be any rusting even after many months or years of use. It is easy to use with the single hand operation and quick weight adjustment in just a second by rotating the handle for reducing or adding weight and and you can train smoothly whenever you want. Habutway has been active in business since 1999 and they have good quality products with innovative designs. And they offer good customer support for any problems or queries you may have. Overall this 5-in-1 adjustable dumbbell appears to offer decent value for the dollar and we are happy to recommend it.

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