Hapbear 25lb Adjustable Dumbbell Free Weight Set Review

Hapbear 25lb Adjustable Dumbbell Free Weight Set

Hapbear 25lb. Adjustable Dumbbell

Hapbear 25lb. Adjustable Dumbbell is a solid and durable strength/resistance training free weight set for use by men and women at different fitness levels and ages in their home gyms with the weights very easily adjustable between 5 pounds and 25 pounds.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 5 customers at the time of this product review for this number one new release in the fitness dumbbells category. Black Hapbear Adjustable Weight Dumbbell is made of metal, weighs 25 pounds in total and measures 6.06 x 7.09 x 15.55 inches. It is very easy to switch between the weights without needing to dissassemble it, thanks to its ergonomic humanised adjustment design. You just need to rotate the weight set’s center grip to change the weights after putting it on the base. And when you lift the dumbbell weight it is locked automatically for safety.

This weight dumbbell will help you perform different dumbbell exercises for different muscles of your upper and lower body and core section. You have a decent strength training experience in the comfort of your home with the 180-degree smooth and easy rotation. It feels quite stable and there will not be any wobbling of the weights when you’re performing exercises. This Hapbear Adjustable Dumbbell has a unique integrated locking structure for your security during your session. You have the very strong nylon material with the anti-slip frosted treatment on the grip with the precision design.

Hapbear 25lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set

Friction is enhanced in all direction thanks to the ergonomic rhombus design. There is a weight indicator pin that is easy to see for locating the weight indicator as you rotate the grip for adjusting the weight. The base that covers less than 0.08m2 is made of the PP material that is friendly to the environment, stable and odour-free and will not cause any damage to your floors. You can store it under your bed, sofa, desk or in a convenient corner.

This adjustable dumbbell is equal to having five dumbbells and will save you on both money and space. In the package you’ll find a single 25lb. adjustable weight dumbbell and good customer service that you may contact whenever you want and they will be happy to assist you. as soon as they can. Hapbear fitness products go through strict quality control and inspection before going out on the market. The thick steel pipes on these dumbbells as part of the precision structure and the built-in locking make them safe and reliable. July 6, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked the 27th best selling among the fitness dumbbells.

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