Hausbell Two Wheels Self Balancing SmartScooters Electric Drifting Board Review

Hausbell Two Wheels Self Balancing Smart Scooter via Amazon

Hausbell Two Wheels Self Balancing SmartScooters Electric Drifting Board

Hausbell is a great quality self balancing battery powered 1000 watt power smart scooter / electric drifting boardwith no handles, with double motors on two wheels, dual way direct drive with a unique technology, LED light, Leray Smart Walker control system, is controlled by the user leaning and balance is detected by three accelerometers and three gyro sensors. It has an advantage as a great mode of transport to get you to school or work and back as it lets you not get stuck in traffic if you live in a very busy city. Black Hausbell balancing scooter looks good with the bumpers on the wheels, weighs 25.8 pounds and measures 9.3 x 9.6 x 25 inches- is not particularly light but can be easily taken to school or office in a carrying bag to ride on your way back. It looks just like a skateboard with wheels on both ends and you can even ride it while eating and drinking and you need to lean for it to move and just stand up without leaning so it stops. It does feel a lot like a snowboard and is a good idea to practice it on a smooth surface in your home before taking it out on the roads if you don’t have any experience with scooters. These scooters are also called “personal transporters” as they can make great individual transport tools on a low-speed road as they are quite a safe dual balancing system on dual wheels and are a lot of fun to ride.

Hausbell Two Wheels Self Balancing SmartScooters

Great quality 36V 5.38Ah 110Wh capacity LG Lithium 18650 battery takes about 1.5 hours to charge completely and comes to 80% in half an hour (with a charging voltage of 110-240V) and it can go for up to five hours on a single charge which is quite a lot, allowing you to travel up to 12 miles of total distance and it can travel at a maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour (unit comes already charged so you can use it straight out of the box). Minimum user that uses this unit should be 44 pounds heavy and the maximum user weight is 265 pounds. It is a very powerful unit with a tough and sturdy build that should make it last quite some time but seems to be prone to scratches but the leather strip at the top surface protects it from being scratched up. You can turn or change direction on the spot with a zero meter turning radius and has a 5 degree incline level. It comes with a year warranty for the main board and six months warranty for the motor and battery. This is a decent well built smart scooter with power, speed, ease of use and functionality at a reasonable price and just like the other China made units on the market the only thing that may bother you is the bad English translation of the manual.

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