Health Gear ITM 4500 Adjustable Heat And Massage Inversion Table Review

Health Gear ITM 4500 Heat And Massage Inversion Table

Health Gear Adjustable Heat And Massage Inversion Table - 300 lb.

Health Gear Deluxe ITM 4500 (ITM 4.5) is a modern and robust advanced therapeutic inversion table with a 300-pound user weight capacity and an adjustable integrated Vibro heat and massage on its comfy boxed upholstery at a reasonable price.

Your spine is compressed throughout the day when you are sitting or standing and sitting puts up to 50% more pressure on your back than standing. It is designed mainly for back relief by removing or reducing the effects of gravity, decompressing, elongating and re-aligning the spine.

Other benefits include relieving tension on neck, shoulder, and back, nerve roots and ligaments, enhancing the dynamics on muscles to decrease stress and tension, relaxing your muscles and your whole body and to help get it back on track, improving your posture, promoting stretching your legs and back without much effort on your part, enhancing blood circulation and providing new oxygen to the body.

This is a durable product and is safe to use by people that weigh up to 300 pounds on its stable heavy gauge steel tube frame and your ankles will be secured by the very dense 4 foam rollers that are also adjustable. It is tested, inspected and approved by UL- the global independent safety science company for both performance and security (meets UL50 requirements). It has the powder coated paint finish that makes it scratch resistant so you can get many years of use and relief out of it.

Health Gear Adjustable Heat And Massage Inversion Table ITM 4500

As a heavy duty inversion table Health Gear Deluxe ITM 4.5 weighs 68.5 pounds and measures 54 x 30 x 60 inches- has a fairly compact space saving design so it will not occupy a large space in your room and as it is foldable you can quickly relocate and store it in a convenient part of your house.

It includes very long and very wide upholstered backrest, removable lumbar support pad with isolated heat therapy and vibration massage that can be adjusted to upper, mid and lower back areas as well as shoulder and neck and removable and comfy head pillow. With the adjustable height selector rod, users between 5’1” and 6’5” can comfortably use it. 

The three position side inversion pin will let you choose from the 20, 40 or 60-degree inversion without having to use the lower strap. The center rotational bar is covered so as to avoid the potential pinch points when you’re doing the inversion. The removable pad can be used separately while you’re lying on your bed or sitting on your chair at home or work to get some massage.

The ITM 4.5 is a made in China inversion table but is quite solid and built to last and so you can use it as much as you need to and there won’t be any wobbling. It is sent from US stock via Amazon, is quite easy to put together out of the box in less than ten minutes with tools and manual provided, doesn’t cost anywhere as much as the brand name inversion tables and includes a 12-month warranty by the manufacturer with US customer support.

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