Health Line Hold Max 375LB 1000W Powerful Vibration Machine Review

Health Line Hold Max 375LB 1000W Vibration Machine

Health Line Hold Max 375LB 1000W Powerful Vibration Platform

Health Line Hold Max is a 1000 watt (110V) heavy duty oscillating and pivotal vibration platform with 2700rpm rotating speed, with a 375 pound (170kg) user weight capacity that can be used for fitness, increased metabolism, calorie and fat burn, body toning, therapy, relieving joint pain, relaxation / massage, strengthening bones and muscles, reducing cellulites, firmer skin and muscles, getting rid of toxins, eliminating fatigue, enhancing blood circulation, increasing energy and rapid recovery after workout. It runs smoothly and quietly despite all that power and you can choose from 1 to 99 speed levels for varying degrees of challenge but it is always a good idea to begin at a slower pace and move your way up gradually if you are new to such machines. As a high end vibration machine it has a beautiful and modern appearance and solid construction that is also ergonomic, created with a variety of users in mind. It has an advanced Smart Motor System with a 5-15Hz frequency range that is very efficient, runs very smoothly with much less noise thanks to the mute DC-dynamo and there is not much burden on the drive mechanism either. You will find ten integrated exercise programs and a manual so you can customise it the way you like. It is a CE certified product with great quality guaranteed and has certain built-in security features like overload current protection, anti-static and anti-jamming.

Health Line Hold Max 375LB 1000W Powerful Vibration Machine

Health Line Hold Max weighs 93 pounds and measures 26.8 x 27.6 x 47.2 inches, has a 4.9 feet power cord and it is fairly large and heavy and will probably need a fixed spot in your living room or wherever you wish to use the machine. It has a very large LCD panel with push button functions, on/off button, automatic fat test with fat scan built in, time, speed + and -, three displays for automatic / fat test, time and speed- so you can monitor your progress, time and speed. Even though the weight capacity is specified as 375 pounds in theory, this would be more like 300 pounds in practice. You can do an overall body workout on this machine and you will get the promised results if you use it regularly and consistently and even better combined with a conventional workout program and healthy eating plan (use the 23.6 inch long elastic exercise straps provided to work your upper body). It is easy to assemble and use but the instructions manual is not very clear as it is written in broken English and you need to refer to the sources on the internet and Google to find out about various ways of exercising on a vibration plate like this one. Anyone that is suffering from a relevant medical condition like cardiovascular problem or joint problems should seek advice from a health care professional. It is made in China and comes with a one year warranty by Health Line for when things go wrong or when you need assistance.

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