Health Line Massage Products 200W Super Thin Full Body Vibration Plate Review

Health Line Massage Products Vibration Plate via Amazon

Health Line Massage Products Full Body Vibration Plate

“Health Line Massage Products®” is the very slim and sleek design high quality rubber full body vibration platform with oscillating motion (triangular oscillation and tri-planer vibration), 200 watt motor and 20 speeds. It supports up to 330 pounds of user weight, measures 17.7 × 30.3 × 5.5 inches (has a 4.9 feet power cord) and supports up to 330 pounds of user weight- is a portable unit, has rubber transportation wheel that rolls quietly, it won’t damage your floors and you can put it away in a convenient corner for storage. And when you’re using the vibration plate it will feel safe and stable on its 4 anti-slip sucker feet with strong absorption and you can also use it comfortably on a carpet. It has both therapeutical and exercise benefits and is marketed for people that don’t want to put too much effort into work-out, it promises results on 95 percent of your muscles for getting leaner by burning fat (and reducing cellulite), toning and building muscle mass without actively lifting weights or running on treadmills (it includes two elastic straps to help you work on your upper body and arms), with the company claiming that ten minutes on this platform is equivalent of as much as one hour of regular workout. And of course this is open to discussion with each person getting different results, because of their nutrition habits or other factors.

Health Line Massage Products Full Body Vibration Platform

If you have any health issues like a heart condition, joint problems or anything that may be affected by using this platform, please consult your health care professional.You can use it in sitting or standing position or targeting different parts of your body. The way it works is you will experience enhanced muscle contraction rate at 50 times per second and can be an additional help to your regular workout. Other benefits include enhanced balance, better blood circulation, activating lymphatic system, releasing your lower back pain and improving your flexibility. It is quite easy to use, even without referring to the manual that is kind of written in Chinglish. It runs rather quietly but is a powerful unit with a 200 watt motor with a 2800rpm rotating speed and 20 speed levels so the vibrations are between light and gentle to very hard and the frequency range is between 5 to 15Hz which is considered the most comfortable range for human body. In the box you will find the vibration plate machine, two elastic straps, a remote control and a user manual. For how much it costs it is good value for money- is very well made, has a great design, small footprint, powerful motor and different speeds. There are a few customer reviews online of this specific model (and other vibration platforms), with claims that this helped their pain, they started feeling better overall and are really enjoying it.

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