Health Mark Freestanding Balance Barre with Travel Bag SB19200 Review

Health Mark Freestanding Balance Barre via Amazon

Health Mark Freestanding Balance Barre

Black Health Mark Freestanding Balance Barre is a great functional unit that helps warm up prior to your workout, increase flexibility or do your post-workout stretches, improve your tendon and ligament strength and even tone and develop your muscles. It is built solid with steel frame and allows people of up to 400 pound weight to flex, stretch or work out comfortably wherever and whenever and with an adjustable bar so they can customise their exercise or dance routine and the feet help stabilise the unit so it will stay put and not slide or move.

Elegant coated finish Health Mark Balance Barre is a great studio quality bar that weighs 26 pounds and measures 60W x 25D x 33 to 55 H inches when assembled (barre circumference is 5 inches) so it is not too heavy and compact when folded and portable enough to be taken anywhere so you can take your barre workout on the go or easily carry it between your home and gym. If it is a little heavy for you, comes with a travel bag that will make it easier- can be taken on one arm or lifted by one hand. It promises strength, endurance, flexibility and as a very flexible fitness equipment, is suitable for both home and professional use- from enthusiasts to pro ballet dancers to be used in studio environment and for different levels of fitness. As a small con we can point out, the instructions on the user manual could be a little clearer as they made it a bit too complicated for how simple it is to set up.

Health Mark Freestanding Balance Barre SB19200

You start your session with a warm up or stretching before the exercise- stretch your back muscles to improve flexibility or lower torso and hips to avoid straining on your back, then you can do your ballet moves with modified hanging stretches for upper chest, triceps and shoulders or pull ups and high leg lifts and you can adjust the height (you’ll find six height adjustments between 33 and 55 inches with two locking pins and internal security bolts), tone your core and legs and at the end of your workout you can stretch with the barre to lengthen your muscles from the contracted condition as a result of exercise so as to avoid injuries, prevent muscle stiffness and speed up post-workout recovery. It comes with a 90 day warranty by the manufacturer- Health Mark Inc to back up its build quality and please refer to Amazon product page through the links on this review page for further warranty information.

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