HITOSPORT S703 Stationary Indoor Belt Driven Bike with 35lb. Flywheel Review

HITOSPORT S703 Stationary Belt Driven Bike

HITOSPORT S703B S703S Exercise Bike

HITOSPORT S703 is an indoor stationary bike with an LCD-backlit monitor, friction resistance and silent belt drive for a cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home or office. You have two color options of black (S703B) or silver (S703S) with a ten dollars of current price difference.

HitoSport S703 has a robust and durable thickened triangular alloy steel frame and a decent total user weight capacity of 330 pounds. The LCD display works on battery power and you do not need to put the bike near a power outlet. With the belt drive mechanism that needs a lot less maintenance than chain drive and the 35lb. bidirectional flywheel you’ll enjoy a smooth ride consistently. With also the whisper quiet operation you can listen to music or play videos without getting disturbed.

It has a thick triangular alloy steel frame and extra fixing device to prevent any wobbling or shaking on the handle or bike. And you can have a safe and stable ride. It doesn’t have a foldable design but you can tilt and roll it out of the way to a convenient place for storing till you ride it next time. With the multigrip handles and the ergonomic leather padded seat that are adjustable you can have a more comfortable workout. You can adjust the saddle 4-ways- up, down, forward and back and the handlebar up and down. The nicely padded seat lets you ride for a long time.

HITOSPORT S703B S703S Exercise Bike LCD Monitor

The LCD-backlit display tells you the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised, RPM and ODOmeter for the distance since the first use of this bike. There is an iPad holder that lets you listen to music or watch videos when you’re working out. HitoSport Bikes are thoroughly inspected and controlled before getting out on the market. It has the cage style pedals with the adjustable straps to fit different sized feet for a comfortable riding experience.

Please ensure you start at lower levels of resistance and increase gradually by turning the tension dial. It has the friction resistance with a felt pad and you can increase or decrease the resistance the way you want. This HitoSport Bike will be good for both shorter and taller people like 6’5″ with the easy adjustability and a high user weight capacity. And it will be very stable even at the highest speeds and levels of resistance. It is very easy to assemble with just a wrench and a screw driver which are included in the package. It first became available on the market on August 11, 2021 and is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 39 users at the moment.

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