Hoist Fitness HF-5460 8-Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack Review

Hoist Fitness HF-5460 8-Pair Vertical Dumbbell RackĀ 

HOIST FITNESS HF-5460 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack HEX Dumbbells Only

HOIST FITNESS HF-5460 is an upright dumbbell rack of 8 pairs. It has been released only very recently at Amazon.com and we don’t have many reviews yet. The solid dumbbell rack is covered with the polypropolene material that will help protect your weights and decrease noise.

It has an upgraded sturdy frame with the oval tubing in the middle. Please note that you can only use the HEX dumbbells on this rack. But you will not get the dumbbells that you see in the product photos. It has a compact and space saving vertical design and measures 19.25L x 17.25W x 52H inches and weighs 50.9 pounds. The maximum total weight capacity is 520 pounds or roughly 236 kg.

This Hoist Rack can hold the hex dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds. But if you wish to put the large hex dumbbells like 45 pounds or 50 pounds on top of each other, it will not be possible on this dumbbell rack. You can also use the neoprene or Spri deluxe vinyl dumbbells that weigh between 5 and 50 pounds on this rack as long as they are hexagonal shaped. You can’t really fit the 60lb. or 70lb. weight dumbbells next to each other on the shelves even if they’re not going to exceed the total weight capacity of 520 pounds.

HOIST FITNESS HF-5460 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

It is a very decent, light commercial grade dumbbell rack with a much better spacing than some of the other vertical racks we have seen so far. Your 50 lb. hex dumbbells can be placed without the hex heads touching each other. The non-metal, solid plastic foot pads will help protect your floors. One of the customers seems to have received a damaged item which happened during the shipping and they thought it was shipped as used. So it was the fault of the shipping company, not of the manufacturer.

The shipping and handling will depend on your distance from the closest Hoist Authorised Dealer. Hoist Fitness has the headquarters in San Diego, California and produces exercise bikes and resistance training products with premium design and build quality. Please read the instructions on the Amazon product page by Hoist Fitness regarding the payment and delivery. It is shipped unassembled and you’ll get the simple tools you need for the easy assembly in the package. You probably don’t even need any help from a second person as you have everything you need and it is easy to do. The only thing you will assemble is the feet anyway.

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