HomeWorkout Multifunction Power Tower with Bench, Dip Station & Pull Up Bar Review

HomeWorkout Multifunction Power Tower

HomeWorkout Brand Multifunction Power Tower

HomeWorkout Multifunction Power Tower is a very solid and durable heavy duty home workout fitness equipment that is made up of a pull up bar, a dip station and a weight bench and the adjustment of height to 4 levels. It offers you a great whole body workout and will help you keep in shape.

You can train your chest and other body parts, do the chin ups, incline push ups, dip stands, hammer pull ups, vertical knee raises or pull ups on this multifunctional power tower. It comes with a convenient weight bench that can be used in incline, decline and flat positions to be able to hit your muscles at different angles. This bench is comfortable with a nice foam padding, can be collapsed and will help you save on space and can be stored away easily.

There are 4 levels of height options on the pull up bar that can be adjusted between 70.47 and 88.19 inches and to accommodate taller and shorter people and it is 26 inches wide. It helps you train your chest, back, shoulder and upper body and will help make your daily workout routine easier and more convenient. The pull up bar is sturdy, durable, safe and stable having a premium heavy duty steel construction. And the balance knob will help keep it balanced on different uneven grounds.

It is a sturdy and durable multifunctional power tower dip station that you can feel safe and stable on and that lets you do a variety of exercises for your different body parts including your chest, back, shoulders, arms- biceps & triceps, legs, buttocks and abdominals. You have the elbow pads toHomeWorkout Brand Multifunction Power Tower with bench dip station support your elbow and the back pads for protecting your back during your workout session. It has the wide and thick steel tubes for a total user weight capacity of 250 pounds and will keep you stable during your workout session.

HomeWorkout Multifunction Power Tower weighs 96 pounds and measures 66.54 x 38.98 x 92.91 inches. You’ll get the assembly tools and instructions including a user manual and an installation video. And it is easy to assemble within just an hour by folowing the instructions on the video. It comes with a 12-month warranty for the free replacement parts, 30-day return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can contact the seller or customer service team with any questions you may have.It first became available at Amazon.com on October 28, 2020.

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