Hotsystem Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Hotsystem Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower

Hotsystem Indoor Water Rower

Hotsystem Water Rowing Machine is made of solid wood, has the adjustable resistance and comes with LED-backlit display. As a November 24,2020 release water rowing machine it is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 3 satisfied customers at the moment.

It offers whole body indoor cardiovascular training that will train 80-85% of your body according to the manufacturer- your arms, legs, glutes, abdominals, chest, shoulders and back. It will help you burn calories and fat effectively and faster than other forms of workout. The resistance level is adjusted by the amount of water in the reservoir and it works smoothly and quietly by absorbing the vibrations and sound.

Hotsystem Water Rower weighs 62 pounds with a total user weight capacity of 290 pounds, and measures 81.9 L x 22.8 W x 19.7 H inches with a molded comfy seat of 13L x 5.6W inches. This sturdy and durable water rower is made of wood and finished with the dark red wood and with its premium look it will fit your living room furniture nicely. It is easy to relocate by moving on its transport wheels and can be lifted and put against a wall or in any convenient spot. You may want to use the water proof and dust cover provided, to help protect the rower.

On the smart yet basic LED-backlit display you will see the current speed, time exercised, calories burned per hour, distance traveled, mins per 500m and strokes per minute to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. There is also a smartphone/tablet holder to keep your device for a bit of distraction during your exercise session. The handlebar is wear and sweat-proof and anti-slip, offering you a nice soft grip for giving you a comfy experience, also with its ergonomic internal flex design.

Hotsystem Water Rowing Machine

The molded seat fits the user’s tail vertebrae and glides smoothly on the track and you can work out longer. The faster your strokes are the higher the resistance will be. It will get shipped in two boxes which may arrive on separate days and can be assembled by following the user guide. You can contact the customer service for any questions you may have. You should be able to put the pieces together in under an hour.

In the two boxes you’ll find the track and the water tank, a syphon pump, hardware for assembly and a phone holder. You’ll also get a little bottle of blue dust (water blue agent) for adding into the water to make it look more like sea water. People with a leg length of less than 53 inches can use this rowing machine comfortably. Overall it is a nice looking rower with a premium feel, that works smoothly and quietly giving you a real life rowing experience like being in a lake. Like one of the customers pointed out, this great wood rowing machine will let you burn calories and fat nicely, but make you enjoy the experience at the same time- it is a lot of fun.

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