Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine with Electromagnetic Resistance Review

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine is an electric powered home cardio fitness equipment with the electromagnetic resistance mechanism that offers you a realistic outdoor rowing experience that feels like being on a river or a lake in the comfort of your home. It has an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 40 customers on the day of this post release.

Silver Hydrow Connected Rower is made of aluminum and has a robust and durable construction that can carry an impressive 375 pounds of maximum total user weight. It is compact in size and has a space saving design, weighs 145 pounds and measures 86L x 25W x 47H inches. 47 inches is the height from floor to the top of the display and the seat is 16.5 inches off the floor and the rower is tested for users up to 36 inches of inseam. With the patented technology Hydrow Connected gives you the sounds and sights through the large display at the front and makes you feel like you’re in a boat.

With the Hydrow Connected you get an intense, low impact workout that involves 86% of your major muscle groups. Please note that subscription is needed with the use of the full functionality on the large display this rowing machine. With the 22-inch HD touch display and the front facing speakers and the electromagnetic drag mechanism you get the realistic feeling of rowing outdoors and have an immersive workout without leaving the comfort of your home. The rower comes with the transport wheels and you can store it in an upright position if you get the upright storage kit and install it and the rower will take up little space.

The workout that you’ll get on your screen are prepared and guided by the experts, athletes, Olympians etc. and you get great motivation and guidance. It is quite nice being able to enjoy exercising in the beautiful locations and sceneries around the globe. For getting access to the on-demand library of more than 3000 workouts and the liveHydrow Connected Rower sessions you’ll need to pay 38 dollars a month for the membership. You’re given unlimited user profiles with each membership for different members of your family.

The Hydrow Connected has sush an innovative design that gives you such a realistic feel and gets 86% of your major muscles involved, letting you burn about twice the calories of running or cycling. It was even called one of the best inventions in year 2020 by the Time Magazine. It has a sleek, modern and ergonomic design, a robust and durable construction being made with the commercial level components to make it last a long time. With the very solid webbed strap, every stroke on the Hydrow Connected is very silent and smooth.

Hydrow is a partner of Water.org that offers safe drinking water to the people that need it. And with each of the 25 days of rowing experience on Hydrow, company makes a donation to Hydrow for one person given access to sanitation and clean water for their lifetime. Please note that the membership is for the screen functionality and you shall still be able to use the rower with enough resistance without paying for the subscription. You’re charged an annual total fee that comes to 38 dollars a month. February 14, 2020 is the date the Hydrow Rower first became available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 44th best selling rowing machine on the website.

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