HyperIce Vyper – 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller for Muscles Review

HyperIce Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller via Amazon

HyperIce Vyper - 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller for Muscles

Hyperice Vyper is a November 2014 release three speed advanced vibrating foam roller- the first high intensity vibrating fitness roller in the world with great innovative technology and a simplistic design, promoted by HyperIce as the next generation fitness accessory, endorsed by famous athletes like Adrian Peterson, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Clay Matthews, Hope Solo and others. It is a multipurpose fitness unit that uses both pressure and vibration to increase blood circulation but more importantly to loosen up muscles. It is suitable for use by athletes and professional sports people as well as general public and this is what the company is aiming with this new product, which is reaching out to public as everyone wants to move and feel better overall and improve their performance.

Hyperice Vyper was created in cooperation with pro athletes as the company always likes to get feedback and information- find out what they need and want in a new product and work around that when launching it with the best possible standard, of course with the most advanced German engineering and the right high tech components to generate a lot of power from within such little space as it also had to be portable. Then they came up with this really powerful device even at the lowest setting (and it has three settings in total) and when you hold it in your hand with it vibrating, your arms feel like they are getting a good workout so it is rather obvious they fit in a lot of frequency, force and power into the unit. It is a foam roller with a rather firm exterior and ridges on to transmit the vibrations properly and the idea is to sit and put your legs on it or do your other body parts- back, neck, calves, rotator cuffs sitting or standing and it transmits the maximum amount of vibration into your body. It uses a 16.8 lithium ion rechargeable battery as it is designed to be a very portable device with a length of only 11.5 inches and a battery life of up to 2.5 hours at the highest setting- the LED lights around the on/off button tells you how much battery you have left and on the other end you’ll find the button for three different intensity levels.

HyperIce Vyper - 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

It is not a very quietly running unit due to such high power and if you’re using it on the floor and if you have neighbours downstairs, well it vibrates really hard. Price is another factor for an average person that just wants to loosen up a little as Vyper costs more than average foam rollers although it is well deserving and is probably essential for pro athletes or if you’re going through physical therapy. You can warm up your body prior to your workout, to release tension from tight muscles, enhance your flexibility, motion range (move better) and blood circulation and even use it for recovery after strenuous gym workout by loosening up and lengthening the muscles and gives you a great therapeutic experience- a very strong massage (foam rollers are also used for healing from sport injuries), high intensity and frequency oscillation even at the lowest level and you can imagine how strong the third level is. It may look expensive at first but for the quality, functionality, durability, features, speed settings, power and design it really is an awesome product. Transmitting so much power, it goes from high to very high to super high vibration and power and although it is a very intense experience, feels really nice too and the pain you feel is an indication that it really is doing the job- releasing all the tension, almost liquefying the muscles. It is by far the best foam roller out there!

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