Hypervibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Machine Review

Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine via Amazon

Hypervibe G10 Mini Whole Body Vibration Machine

Hypervibe G10 Mini is a high end portable vibration plate- gravity resistance training machine for the whole body that is promoted as the best vibration platform out there evaluated on cost vs power and functionality basis. It provides a very safe, easy and practical way good for balance, training, losing weight, relaxing and strengthening different muscles, improving flexibility, preventing injuries, avoiding pain and stiffness due to workout, stimulating lymphatic system, raising heart rate, boosting blood circulation, increasing bone density- reducing osteoporosis risk and recovery. Your body will move and feel better in a natural way unlike with drugs. With so many products coming out all the time on market, in our opinion this is a great one and a worthy investment if you want to get fit with little effort involved.

The maximum amount of weight Hypervibe G-10 can carry is 310 pounds and it doesn’t take up much space- has a small footprint which also makes it easy to store away although it is quite powerful and has a frequency range of 5 to 20 Hz. It is rather easy to use with remote control included and you’ll see click wheel with the coloured exercise time options, is Bluetooth enabled by default as well as the free app for both Android or iOS so you get to control the unit via tablets, smartphones and MP3 players and you can connect the app to your large screen TV or monitor via Chromecast for Android and Airplay for iOS. Video coach is included in the package and you’ll find 40 programs that are designed to help people achieve different goals, the most common one being weight loss and pain or stiffness reduction. It is capable of producing as much as 9.7g’s of G force and comes with upper body resistance bands, has a rather innovative design, is lightweight and portable despite having power level well beyond what you’ll find on other portable machines. It is great if you’re sitting in the office all day and use this for even just a couple of minutes to reap the great benefits.

Hypervibe G10 Whole Body Vibration Machine

You will find plenty of info on company website to get better results with and benefit more from this vibration plate and even a community where you can share your experiences with other users and get answers to your questions from experts. Your shoulders and back will feel stronger if you had sports injuries with lasting pain before, your body will feel quite relaxed overall as you will both have a nice whole body massage and workout at the same time. It is actually one of the few machines on the market that offers both low and high levels- different levels of vibration and very effective yet quick workouts that lets you feel the difference straight away even at the lowest speeds and you’ll build up to a proper workout routine in no time. There are customers that are reporting a variety of benefits that experienced from this product, including the reduced joint and muscle pain, improved posture, significantly relieved back, shoulder and knee pain that they had for a long time and someone actually saying that they slept all night without pain for the first time in several years. Although it is not cheap (but cheaper than many commercial ones that cost 4-5k easily), if you have the budget this is a great powerful machine that is well worth every cent. It comes with a complete user manual, an upper body strap and a 2-year on-site warranty by Hypervibe.

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