I J Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike 2 in 1 Exercise Machine Review

I J Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer via Amazon

I J Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike 2 IN 1 Exercise Machine

I J Fitness Elliptical is the brand new upgraded 2-in-1 cross trainer with an innovative and unique design that acts as both a functional exercise bike and elliptical handles to give you a nice overall low impact cardiovascular workout- upper body, core and lower body (arms, shoulder, glutes, calves, legs, hips, buttocks and even abs) as a two function exercise machine. It has a chain-driven wheel that runs quietly and smoothly, is quite solid and durable with a stainless steel frame and has big anti-slip pedals for your comfort and security. Despite being a budget and low cost unit it includes a heart rate monitor via the sensors on the handles in the middle that shows on the small digital LCD display (with batteries included) that also has the calories burned, distance traveled, speed and time so you can monitor and track your progress and you will find a resistance knob in the middle that is adjustable for the level of challenge you want- so you can choose to start out light and increase tension gradually for a much stronger workout. You can use the elliptical in two directions- backward and forward (reverse rotation) to vary your exercise routine and by moving your legs and arms at the same time you will be activating various muscle groups.

I J Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike

I J Elliptical can be used as a stand up elliptical cross trainer or you can ride it like you would ride a stationary exercise bike and in either position you will not be causing much impact on your joints or knees. It is both small in size with small footprint and will not occupy much space in your living room and is stable on the floor but also lightweight and can be carried and stored away easily, although we can not see transport wheels on the product photos. You won’t get it fully assembled but is rather easy to put together by following the user manual and you can start working on your lower and upper body day or night whenever you want without having to leave your home. Elliptical arms will move with each stride and give you that additional upper body workout and you can choose to use them in both standing and seated positions. This unit is straight from the manufacturer without middlemen so you are getting a pretty good deal in terms of price, quality and functionality but you can not expect this to be gym quality at this price level, seat is fine but not super comfortable to sit on for a lengthy period of time and you will not get the extra bells and whistles that you might get with very expensive elliptical or other trainers for home and commercial use. Decent value for money overall!

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