Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table Review

Innova ITM5900 Heat and Massage Inversion Table

Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion

Innova ITM5900 is a modern inversion therapy table with the advanced heat and massage function and a heavy duty steel frame. It has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 656 customers as a very popular, best selling inversion table at

Unique vertical design massage pad (pending for a patent) covers your whole spine with the built-in contoured lumbar pad for proper heat and massage for your lower back area. It offers different massage and heat settings with the manual and automatic options.

You can remove the lumbar pad and use this inversion table without the heat massage function. Both the height and headrest are adjustable two ways for a more comfortable inverting and you can find your center of gravity easier thanks to the True Balance System. With the enhanced ergonomic ankle holding of a small rear ankle holder and the large front holder, the pressure will be eased on your feet and ankles when you are inverting. Your ankles will be locked in place and this locking system is easy to adjust. There is a six angle slot pin system with a protective cover for much safer inversion and to position yourself easily.

You just position the pin to the desired decline slot you want and you can be confident that you are safe. This is nothing like the older strap systems where you have to dismount completely to adjust. People between 4’10” and 6’6” can use this inversion table comfortably as long as they don’t weigh more than 300 pounds. It is different from many standard inversion tables on the market with its modern features. You’ll get a great total massage experience with the isolated heat and vibration with multiple modes. It has the large backrest and soft touch foam handles for an easy, safe and comfy inversion.

The double adjustment structure on the True Balance System is great for adjusting the height and the headrest pad. There are three positions for the headrest for a more relaxing and comfy inversion. The sturdy heavy-duty frame is conveniently foldable to be stored away easily. People that are taller may feel more comfortable with the ankle holders on this inversion table. Or you can wearInnova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table Angles thick socks or try less angles to avoid any pain. It is quite easy to put together as all the pieces and hardware have the letters for the steps on them. It is foldable but the handlebar loop measures more than 12 inches and this inversion will probably not be suitable for storing under the bed.

Innova ITM5900 Inversion Table tilts up to 90 degrees if you will need to do the full inversion. You need to remove the pin and put it in the top hole of the adjustment. Or you can use the pin to adjust to 15, 30, 45, 60 or 85 degrees.This is quite a comfortable inversion table with decent support on your back and spine and you don’t need any extra padding. It is reported to help with different types of pain, including neck pain, but more so the lower back pain. Please speak to your physician prior to the use of any inversion table if you think you might have a relevant health condition.  It is promoted as one of the most advanced, modern and therapeutic inversion tables on the market. It comes with a one year warranty by Innova Health and Fitness in case you have any problems.

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