Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table with Lumbar Pad Review

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table  

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion

Innova ITX9700 is a good quality inversion table as a solution to your back pain problems with a large backrest of memory foam, adjustable and removable universal lumbar pad with velcro on, hot and cold compress with soothing effect (but compress is not included in the package and will be an extra cost), a detachable head pillow so you can invert comfortably, safety side inversion pull-pin that is easily adjustable to 4 positions of 20, 40, 60 and 80 degrees after the horizontal (but still more effort than palm activated ratchet on some Ironman models) to let you invert safer than the previous strap systems of other inversion tables and anti-slip long foam handles that are comfy to hold so you can position the pin at different decline angles easily and safely and go back to the upright position easily after your inversion session, new design dual ankle and heel cups will keep your ankles safe and in place but better if you have your shoes on or thicker socks as these are not super comfortable. And it is actually the lowest priced inversion table on the market with such user friendly features and build quality.

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

Innova ITX9700 has a very solid and durable heavy duty 1.5 inch steel tubing with a dual U-frame making it more solid and stable so it can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight and heights between 4’10” and 6’6” with a range of height settings. It is easy to assemble with the instructions and tools provided, weighs 55 pounds and measures 46 x 28 x 63 inches, has a folding design by just removing a locking pin on the side so can be stored easily but is not totally flat. Like with any fitness equipment and more so in the case of inversion tables, you should ask your health professional before using it as you may have certain medical conditions that this product may not be good for. It is quite easy to change the angles and height so different people in the family can use it for pressure relief and spinal disc ligaments. 4-position pin is an upgrade over the strap systems that can slip a little at times and feels safer and more convenient but the number of settings can be considered a little limiting. It comes with a one year warranty by the manufacturer so you can buy with confidence and have a peace of mind as this is definitely a quality product and Innova has a decent customer support with responsive reps.

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