Ironman 5600 iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table Review

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake Inversion Table

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake Inversion Table

Ironman 5600 is the brand new modern inversion table with the unique iControl 400 Disk Brake System (pending US and international patent) for reducing back stress, improving blood circulation, rejuvenating your spines; for different arm, knee, back and nerve problems and misaligned discs. iControl disk brake system is great for controlling the angle of inversion and the unit has a very solid steel frame with a powder coated finish that makes it resistant to scratches. Disk braking system (rather than the older tether strap system) is unique, lets you stop effortlessly and select your inversion angle at any point or time, so it feels much safer as there won’t be any free falling for inversion, lets you completely control the inversion up to 180 degrees and keep it there. It is stable and secure enough for you to do crunches and sit-ups at the 180 degree vertical inversion and includes a stretching bar that will let you stretch your back muscles. It easily adjusts to accommodate people of different heights from 4’10” to 6’6” and can carry a user weight of up to 275 pounds on its sturdy heavy duty 15 inch square steel frame construction and the 1.5 inch thick and soft foam vinyl padding for your neck, back and head ensures comfortable inversion (large and comfy support). Handlebars are nicely padded and let you get back to the starting upright position easily.

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table

Ironman iControl weighs 66 pounds as assembled (is shipped unassembled like any fitness equipment you buy online or from the shops but has clear instructions and is easy to put together) and measures 81 x 31 x 18 inches, takes up some space but can be folded for easy storage. It is simple to use- anyone can easily operate it in the comfort of their homes. So you start by adjusting the table to your height to be able to get the most out of your inversion. You’ll see the ankle locking system you can use to lock your ankles to keep you safe and there will be no pain or strain on your ankles and by using the handles (and unlock when you’re done), you can invert as much as you want and with the iControl you stop at the angle you desire. You will want to check the brakes occasionally so there won’t be any slipping while you’re inverting. If you are new to inversion tables you should start at lower angles and go up to full 180 degrees as you go along. It comes with a plastic item holder for bottles, mobile phones or other items. It can accommodate very tall and very heavy people on its very robust frame and they will be inverting slowly and smoothly without and sudden jerking. We have seen a few different inversion tables coming out over the last few years and months and some with unique features too. Ironman is a premium brand in the fitness industry and has a range of higher quality commercial grade products for the home gym market- higher prices but more solid build and innovative functions for sure.

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