IRONMAN Triathlon 6875 X-Class 1500 lb High Capacity Light Commercial Squat Rack Review

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class 6875 Squat Rack via Amazon

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class 1500 lb High Capacity Light Commercial Squat Rack

Ironman 6875 Triathlon X-Class is a 1500 pounds of real weight capacity light commercial squat rack with a large 2 x 3 inches tubular steel frame construction, that comes with a total of six storage posts, four of which are for larger olympic weight plates (each with total capacity of more than 180 pounds) and two chrome posts for smaller weights and can hold up to 100 pounds each. You’ll find nine chrome hooks to rest a 7 inch olympic bar in between your workouts, different mounting positions for the black safety spotter bars and the rear U shaped stabiliser bars for additional stability that you’ll see on the photo and is suitable for users that are up to 6’4” tall and no matter how short or tall you are you’ll find the optimal height for you. It lets you work on your different muscle groups on your lower and upper body- resistance training exercises like dead lifts, squats, vertical raises, calf raises, upright rows, lunges, wide curls so it gives you quite a bit of flexibility and you can increase the number of exercises you can do by using it with a utility bench (light commercial Ironman utility bench is recommended).

IRONMAN 6875 Triathlon X-Class 1500 lb High Capacity Light Commercial Squat Rack

Being a solid and heavy duty unit Ironman Squat Rack weighs 170 pounds and measures 54 x 66 x 67 inches. 1500 pound load capacity is quite impressive and although most of you may not need this much capacity and knowing that this unit is so well built makes it a good choice as a squat rack. The foot pads at the back are very long and the squat rack will stay stable when you’re exercising with heavy loads. And if you want more stability and safety it comes with 4 x bolt holes to mount the rack to the floor. Despite the original price being not so cheap, it is quite all right at the current discount and for the build quality, versatility and functionality you have a very good value product here- this is not a full fledged power rack but a high capacity light commercial squat rack that lets you do quite a few exercises in the comfort of your home, mostly without having to get to the gym. If you want a very stable and safe unit with plenty of weight storage  and will help you push your limits then this may well be the right one for you and it doesn’t look like something you will need to replace very soon. Ironman is a great brand known for very decent high end heavy duty home gym or light commercial grade fitness and weight training equipment and the company also offers limited warranty for the life of this product.

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