IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower 6880 Review

IRONMAN 6880 Triathlon X Class Power Tower via Amazon

IRONMAN 6880 Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower

IRONMAN Triathlon X Class 6880 is a very versatile and high-intensity complete workout power tower with multiple functions, made from very solid powder coated steel tubing that can carry a maximum user weight of up to 400 pounds.

The mainframe is angled at 83 degrees for the purpose of stabilizing any movement, has an ergonomic and comfortable 3-inch thick curved backrest, 2.25 inch thick cushions for elbow and forearm support and two adjustable handles with foam rollers for different exercises with seven mounting positions.

You can do 30 different exercises including push ups, sit ups, assisted dips, incline push ups, decline push ups, flutter kicks, single leg squats, vertical knee raises and progressive pull ups. Step supports on the main frame are good for having something solid to step on to move up to work on your core exercises- lower and upper core abs, leg raises, vertical knee raises or dips. It has the large 2 inch wide molded dip handles offer comfy grip and being 26 inches apart they give you plenty of space.s apart they give you plenty of space.

IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower 6880

Grip holdup bars are good for working on and strengthening your back, lats, chest, biceps, and triceps with different exercises like regular pull ups, close grip pull ups, wide grip pull ups, hammer pull ups. It is a very stable unit with the way it is designed at an 83-degree angle and thick heavy duty steel tubing and for extra stability, it includes four bolt holes to mount the tower to the ground and three position stability beam that is adjustable for stability and safety.

Ironman is a very well known brand for build, quality, durability, functionality, great design and versatility of their high end home and lighter commercial grade fitness products for weight and strength training, with each product made with high-quality components and enhanced precision. It weighs 149 pounds and measures 63.4 x 49 x 83 inches- is not a lightweight and compact but a heavy duty, solid and multifunctional unit that takes a bit of space so it will need a fixed spot in your home gym or garage but at least it has a premium look and feel. Overall this is a great gym quality solid and functional equipment with its heavy construction, is not very cheap but you definitely get what you pay for and this Triathlon Power Tower is offered with a limited lifetime warranty for home use.

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