J Fit Under Desk or Stand up Mini Elliptical Review

J/Fit Under Desk or Stand up Mini Elliptical via Amazon

j fit Under Desk or Stand up Mini Elliptical

J Fit Mini Elliptical unit is designed for a quick cardiovascular workout either standing up or under your desk with its uniquely adjustable pedals when you’re working in the office or playing on computer at home. Adjustable pedals are only on this model on the market and it lets use in sit down or stand up positions and you’ll have the ideal fit with its three different adjustments. This two in one elliptical being a compact unit you will not have any problems fitting it under any size desk. It comes with rear wheels / rollers that allow easy transportation and storage with also the handle at the front (which also folds down to lock the chair wheel) for extra support so you can store it conveniently in a corner of your room or under your desk. As it doesn’t make any noise thanks to its big skateboard wheels and rides smoothly, you can be in the office and working and exercising at the same time without disturbing others or affecting your concentration. It even includes a little LCD panel which is a series 1050 monitor that shows speed, distance, calories and time with a resistance dial just above it to be turned up or down when you want more challenge and down when you want an easier workout.

J-fit Under Desk or Stand up Mini Elliptical

As you may have guessed the J Fit Mini Elliptical is particularly great if you are spending most of your day sitting at home or in the office and the problem is not so much sitting but sitting or standing without burning many calories by being stationary so this will help you get your legs moving while you are reading, typing on computer or whatever you’re doing in a sedentary mode. You can go lighter while you are sitting at your desk and on your break you can stand up and go harder, by also using arm weights to burn off more calories. You can expect to burn up to 300 calories in sitting down mode and more while standing up. It has a unique simple design without the movable handles of full-size elliptical and no integrated entertainment or preset exercise options, so it has a reasonable price tag and is currently one of the most popular elliptical machines on Amazon.com with some very positive 5 star reviews. You will need to do some simple assembly work and yes it is easy enough and the tools are provided but apparently the instructions are not very clear. It is a great quality product that is very solidly built and should last you quite some time. We don’t have the information on the warranty period but our general opinion of J-Fit products is pretty high.

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