JAJUMUDO Adjustable Dumbbell Set with 11 LB – 55 LB Fast Weight Adjust Handle Review

JAJUMUDO Adjustable Dumbbell Set with 11 LB – 55 LB

JAJUMUDO Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Anti-Slip Handle

JAJUMUDO Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a two pack of solid weights training equipment with a tray,  a weight range of 11 and 55 pounds and an anti slip handle for adjusting weight that is good for a whole body workout. February 14, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and there aren’t many customer reviews so far. 

With a brand new structural design it offers you 11, 22, 33, 44 and 55 pounds. You do not need to store multiple weights when you own this set. It will save you time and you can adjust the weight in just a second by rotating the handlebar clockwise or counterclockwise and hear a click and will help you with training more efficiently and smoothly. You can train your whole by using these dumbbells with different weight options, including your back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals  and lower body.

Each dumbbell has a patterned double lock plate lock structure, weight plate holder, weight dial, 8 iron weights plates and tray lock system. And it will help you avoid the weight plate dropping during your workout. The weight plates are made of anti-rust silicon steel with the powder coating. They have the solid handles made of anti-rust aluminium alloy material and anti-slip texture for safety during your workout. The upgraded solid and durable tray will not break easily and help protect your floors or save you on space. 

It has the premium steel inside, 8 plates in total and customised triangular series lock system. It measures 18L x 11.8W x 10H inches and will save you up to 80% of space with the 5 sets of dumbbells in a single dumble set. These weight plates are solid and durable for use for years to come. The textured soft silicone covered handle will help protect yourJAJUMUDO Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Anti-Slip Handle 11lb - 55lb hands and they will not hurt even during the very intense sessions. It offers a nice grip and will help you adjust the weights quickly. 

Please do the weight adjustment when they are on the tray and not when lifted off. You can put the weight plate back on the tray with its slotted side facing the dumbbell centre. You do not need to any assembly work as they are shipped already assembled and you can just start using it pretty much straight away. You can have a peace of mind when you purchase this solid weights set as they offer good customer service that will be happy to assist you. It is a decent quality, functional and versatile fitness equipment offered at an affordable price. 

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