Japanese MTG Sixpad Body Fit Training Gear Review

MTG Sixpad Body Fit Training Gear via Amazon

Japanese MTG (M Tea Gee) Sixpad Training Gear

MTG Sixpad Body Fit is a Japanese passive training gear that is claimed to work- tone and firm your upper and lower body- arms, thighs, abs, love handles and more, without you making any effort, by simply giving electric shocks to your muscles. Electrical Muscle Stimulation- EMS technology sends signals to your brain and your muscles start to move (current stimulation to muscle movement and exercise). It is designed as a very easy way to exercise when you’re relaxing, reading, or doing your housework or your other daily work or when you’re away on holidays or business trips when you’re out and about as they will be hidden under your clothes and not stick out, with everything starting in just a few seconds with a single button without any cords or electrical connection. Body Fit is the larger pad for arm/waist/thigh and the Abs Fit is the smaller one of the two on offer for your abs and you’re welcome to get both and use them at the same time. It is made of soft silicone that fits the contours of your body and skin and feels comfy and the electrodes are distributed equally and efficiently on the gel sheets and silk printing.

Japanese MTG (M Tea Gee) Sixpad Training Gear Body Fit Tr

Sixpad Body Fit will be a great and effortless part of your daily training routine to get the best of your ideal physical performance. You may be dubious as to its efficiency and may think it is like one of those passive training methods that don’t work but it is proven to work by the sports science research at Kyoto University in Japan and the effective frequency is determined as 20Hz for EMS technology by Professor Moritani and if you go beyond 20Hz for a minute or so, the tension decreases, preventing the right conditions to occur for optimal muscle development, whereas with 20Hz you can go for a long period of time every day and it is quite effective every time, with also more oxygen consumption. You have fast and slow twitch muscles that make your very thin fibres in your muscles and fast twitch muscles are the one that are much easier to work with and they show a great body and you do not need to work them very hard at the gym but with the EMS targeting them selectively the positive result is more obvious. Christian Ronaldo is the official ambassador of the product and interestingly enough the product was apparently inspired by his lifestyle and he is also a big part of the design.

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