JOROTO MR30 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower Review

JOROTO MR30 Magnetic Rowing Machine

JOROTO MR30 Magnetic Rowing Machine

White JOROTO MR30 is a modern, number one hot new release rowing machine with magnetic resistance and ergonomic design for a great whole body cardio workout in the comfort of your home. It has an ergonomic and user-friendly design from which you can expect functionality and efficiency.

Joroto MR30 has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 6 customers on the day of this product review as a very new release fitness product. The large pedals have the textured, anti-slip surfaces for your comfort and security during your workout session and they are conveniently placed. You’ll find the adjustable foot straps on them to accommodate your or others’ foot sizes. The MR30 offers a great, smooth and comfy low-impact cardio workout that won’t bring an extra burden on your joints or knees.

It will not only work on your back muscles but strengthen different muscles on your whole body, including your triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals, chest, legs and back. It will help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, increase your cardiovascular endurance and develop a better defined body overall- upper, lower and core. The MR30 has a conveniently foldable design and you can fold its sturdy steel frame effortlessly and roll it on its transport wheels and place it in your closet or in a convenient corner of your house when not in use.

Joroto MR30 weighs 60.6 pounds and measures 70.5L x 20.3W x 30H inches, and 35.5L x 20.3W x 54.4H inches as folded. In the package you’ll find the MR30 Rowing Machine, installation tools, and instructions guide.┬áThe total user weight capacity is 265 pounds and the upholstered seat slides smoothly on the ‘bigger than normal’ aluminum seat rail. The fitness monitor has the Set, Mode and Reset buttons and shows you the calories, distance, time, count and total count. The oversized aluminum slide rail is sturdy and durable, should last you many long years.

If you increase the magnetic resistance of the rowing machine from level 1 towards level 8, your cardio training will turn into light resistance training. You can enjoy the long and intense workouts with the comfy and safe grip of the ergonomic foam covered padded handle without JOROTO MR30 Magnetic Rower Display Panelyour hands slipping. The no-touch magnetic resistance ensures you can row smoothly and quietly. The medium and high resistance levels feel challenging and will make you sweat and pump your muscles.

You need to plug it into an outlet to be able to choose a program on the display panel and for the resistance/intensity to go up and down. It is a very nice rowing machine with a sturdy construction and functionality at a reasonable price. Everything is great except for the user manual online. You can contact their customer support via their email for any questions or problems you may have. You’ll get a 12-month warranty for parts replacement and you can email them at Joroto is a decent brand with good quality products with innovative and ergonomic design and functionality.

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