JOROTO MR35 Magnetic Rower- Rowing Machine with LCD Display Review

JOROTO MR35 Magnetic Rowing Machine 

JOROTO MR35 Rowing Machine Parts

JOROTO MR35 is a commercial quality magnetic rowing machine with a sturdy 4.4 lb. aluminium flywheel and no-touch magnetic resistance. It has a large seat that moves on the solid aluminium slide rail smoothly and quietly. It is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 71 users on the day of this post release.

Joroto Rower works very quietly thanks to the large flywheel and magnetic resistance and you can use it in your apartment comfortably without disturbing your neighbors or people in the house. It doesn’t have a foldable design but comes with the dual caster wheels. You can move it easily without doing any heavy lifting, put and store it in a standing position in a corner. And it will take up less than 0.15 sq meters of space. Please be careful with your small kids near this rower in a standing position.

Total user weight capacity is 250 pounds to cover a great percentage of the adults. The 10 real levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust during your workout session makes this rower suitable for people at different levels. You can use it as a great warm-up unit before your resistance training session. The anti-slip pedals are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of feet with the adjustable foot straps. It weighs 53 pounds and measures 71L x 21W x 36H inches and 22L x 21W x 71H inches as stored in an upright position. The slide rail length is 38.5 inches.

The smart LCD display panel’s angle can also be adjusted for taller and shorter people to read it comfortably during their workout sessions. It shows the calories burned, time exercised, count, total count and scan that moves between each of these stats every nine seconds or so. You will get more accurate reading on this display panel with the double sensor structure. You can stay motivated and on track to reach your exercise goals faster. Please note that it doesn’t show the distance like the bikes or treadmills.

There is a tablet/smartphone holder just below the display panel for your entertainment (movies, shows or songs) to help you exercise longer. This Joroto M35 Rowing Machine is comfortable overall for longer sessions, with its large seat with an ergonomic design and the padded handlebar with a nice grip. You even have a water bottle holder in front of you in the center to help you stay hydrated during your workout. The smart LCD display works on batteries and the rowing machine doesn’t need to be plugged in. This means you can use it anywhere without needing to be near a power outlet at all times.


This rower makes a great cardiovascular exercise machine that engages many different muscles. It is claimed to be heaps more efficient than bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills for getting and keeping you in shape. It will help increase your heart rate, lose calories and fat, strengthen and tone muscles and relieve stress. For faster and better results you need to use it regularly and follow a healthy eating plan.

The great quality pull cord on this rower is made of reinforced nylon and can carry high tensile strength, giving you a sense of security. You can pull the bar up to do bicep curls or other exercises if you wish. Joroto is a well-known fitness equipment brand with over three decades of history in the industry. The MR35 Rower comes with a warranty of one year by the manufacturer as well as the part replacement for a year, free of charge. You’ll get all the tools and instructions included in the package. It will take you less than 45 minutes to put the pieces together. We think that it is quite good value for the dollar if you have the budget for a rowing machine at the price level.

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