JX FITNESS 3 Tier Weights Storage Rack for Dumbbells, Weight Plates and Kettlebells Review

JX FITNESS 3-Tier Weights Storage Rack

JX FITNESS 3 Tier Weights Storage Rack

JX FITNESS 3 Tier Weights Rack is designed for putting and storing dumbbells, kettlesbells, weight plates and slam balls. This 2022 version storage rack has a very solid and durable steel structure for a total weight capacity of 1100 pounds and measures 54L x 36W x 18.5H inches.

It was first available on November 12, 2021 and there aren’t many customer reviews so far for this hot new release product that is currently ranked the 45th best seller among the Strength Training Dumbbell Racks. With this 2022 version JX FITNESS 3 Tier Weights Rack you have a few improvements over the older models, including the storage for different dumbbells and a special location for barbells, barbell plates, kettle bells and slam balls.

And you have a tidier and more professional set-up for better organisation of your items. By storing your dumbbells properly on the weight rack you have more space for other things in your home gym area. Because this weight rack has 4 rubber end caps your floors will be protected from any potential scratches or damages. It has a rather sturdy and durable construction that is reinforced with a solid powder coating. And it will not get tarnished easily even when you put heavy items on. It has a matte surface that will resist any scuffs or scratches well.

JX FITNESS 3 Tier Weights Storage Rack 1100lb Capacity

The assembly is pretty straightforward and you’ll get an allen wrench included for tightening the bolts. But you need to have your own 0.5-inch wrench or socket for holding the nuts, for the weight rack to be more solid and stable. You can’t really tighten the nuts just by hand and please contact the customer service team through Questions section on the product page, through your order page or email if you have any problems or questions.

It is a great weights rack overall to keep your dummbells, weight plates and kettlebells well organised on the 4 storage posts on the 3-tier rack. It is fine for use with the Olympic weight plates with the two-inch diameter holes and you can store your plates based on size. The four spring clip collars included will help prevent them from falling to the floor. You can even keep several 45lb. size Olympic plates on each of the 4 bars and the rack is quite stable to hold pretty much all your weights at home. We’re happy to recommend it if you’re on the market for a solid and stable weight rack.

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