Koreyosh Indoor Water Rowing Machine, Rower with LCD Monitor Review

Koreyosh Indoor Water Rowing Machine 

Koreyosh Water Rowing Machine wood

Koreyosh Water Rowing Machine is offered in two versions of steel or wood with slightly different design differences. Both are the water rowers with the adjustable resistance and LCD display panels for home gym use.

The wood version is roughly 90 dollars more at the time of this product review but it is still very competitively priced as far as the wood rowers go. You can monitor your fitness data including the calories burned, count, count per minute, distance traveled, time exercised and scan that shows you these indicators automatically without you needing to press anything. With the water resistance it is designed to mimic the real rowing experience on water.

Steel Koreyosh Rower measures 70.8 x 18.1 x 20 inches and the wood rower is 84 x 22 x 20 inches and the maximum user inseam is 43.3 inches. Both the wood and steel versions can carry a maximum user weight of 265 pounds. They don’t have a foldable design but are portable with the transportation wheels included in the package. It has a space saving design and you just lift the water rower on one end, roll it and put it against a wall or in your closet if it is large enough.

Koreyosh Water Rowing Machine steel

You can adjust the workout intensity easily by the amount of water you put in the water tank. Up to 80% of your body’s muscles can be exercised including your back, arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders and abs and you can burn calories and fat by using this regularly. It has a fairly ergonomic design including a U-shaped seat and large pedals with the foot straps and is easy to use. All adults- males and females at different fitness levels can use it comfortably as long as they don’t have relevant health problems.

The instructions for assembly are not very clear and if you find that the parts provided and what you see on the instructions manual, please contact the seller or customer support. You’ll get the nuts, washers and bolts you need for the assembly of this water rower. This is not a high-end rower with a premium construction and bells and whistles, but the price tag is also significantly lower. It doesn’t have the smart functionality, but you can get the “SmartRow” installed if you want to. Performance you get from this rowing machine is very good for the price. You’ll find that it is similar to some of the much more expensive models on the market, in terms of sturdy construction, appearance and functionality. You are basically saving at least a few hundred dollars in exchange for a bad instructions manual.

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